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  • Beauty lessons from Beckaa
    Beauty lessons from Beckaa
    I am rarely rendered speechless. Last night was an exception. But before I berate Channel 10 for airing such dribble, I have to take responsibility for my own dying brain cells; I chose to watch Th...
    1 comment 24.07.2012 More >>
  • ‘Pass that Versace’
    ‘Pass that Versace’
      Kanye got it wrong on purpose, but many a fashionista struggles to pronounce the name of their much loved (or more likely lusted-after) couture. Blame it on the exotic languages and fore...
    1 comment 24.04.2012 More >>
  • Possibly the strangest treatment, ever...
    Possibly the strangest treatment, ever...
    I’m no stranger to treatments. I’ve messed around in my fair share of mud and had my mug massaged many, many times all in the name of trialling the masses of services available out ther...
    0 comments 20.04.2012 More >>
  • Say so long to wobbly liner, pronto!
    Say so long to wobbly liner, pronto!
    “Eyeliner envy” – if it isn’t already an official ailment, it should be.   Eyeliners (both pencil and liquid, in my case) have fast become another of my beauty ...
    0 comments 23.02.2012 More >>
  • boys boys boys!
    boys boys boys!
    Men, listen up! Clinique are having a pop up store for 10 DAYS ONLY to coincide with the Sydney Mardi Gras. What does this mean? DJs playing tunes to get you in the mood, hot guys in Aussie Bum (if...
    0 comments 20.02.2012 More >>
  • Lash love
    Lash love
    If you know me personally, have spoken to me for longer than ten minutes, or have even just read any of my past blogs – you’ll know that I am mascara obsessed – as in, pick-three-...
    2 comments 25.01.2012 More >>
  • The Perfect Present
    The Perfect Present
    I love buying gifts. Well, I love buying gifts most of the time – specifically when I know exactly what the gift-receiver is going to adore. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. (#firstwo...
    0 comments 19.01.2012 More >>
  • Skin Secrets
    Skin Secrets
      Over the past few weeks a fair few of you Cosmo kids have written to us to enquire as to which skincare/make-up yours truly uses. Some of you were also so kind as to gush and give lovely...
    2 comments 19.01.2012 More >>
  • A Magnificent Mani
    A Magnificent Mani
    This week, I was given a sneak preview of what the geniuses over at OPI have planned for us this summer. Just in time for your January holiday, OPI are launching their Gel Color range. The...
    0 comments 08.12.2011 More >>
  • Beauty on the move
    Beauty on the move
    Moving is the anti-Christ. I have moved house ten times in the last six years. That is not an exaggeration. Most recently, on the weekend. Can you even imagine what that entails for a beauty editor...
    0 comments 30.11.2011 More >>
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Festival Beauty
    The Do's and Don'ts of Festival Beauty
    I’ve always been far more interested in beauty than fashion. When festival season comes rolling around each year, I see my friends watching the weekend forecast, wondering if they’ll st...
    0 comments 28.11.2011 More >>
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