Are you immune to your beauty products?

It might be time to shake up your bathroom regime.

By Leigh Campbell
Are you immune to your beauty products?

You’ve been washing your hair with the same shampoo and conditioner for forever, and then suddenly you feel like your hair isn’t as shiny and swishy as it used to be. It’s a bit limp, or more straw like. What gives?

And the same goes for your skin. Your routine has consisted of the same cleanser, serum and cream for ages, but now your glow is gone. Could your hair and skin be ‘getting used to’ the products you’re using? Is needing to rotate your products an actual thing, or a myth?

“The fact is, your hair actually changes and requires different products over time, rather than necessarily 'adapting' to the current product, explains from Aleks Abadia, Founder and Head Stylist at Esstudio Galleria. “It only 'gets used to the products' in a sense because your hairs requirements have been met by your current products.”

So, if you’re using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to smooth dry locks, after a while it may feel like your strands are heavier, oily or weighed down because the product has done its job – it’s added back lost moisture. That’s a sign that it’s time to stop using that product for a while. It might be time to change to an everyday or volumising shampoo, until your feel a little moisture boost is needed again. You also need to consider any changes you might have made yourself.

“If you have moved country recently (or you’re holidaying) and feel like your regular products aren’t doing the trick anymore, this could be the reason. The water is different and can be harsher in some countries and often the humidity or moisture change in the air is different in each country, which can wreak havoc if it's different to what your hair is used to,” says Abadia.

The same applies to the seasons, even if you haven’t moved anywhere. Some good news?

“Styling products are perfect for continuous use as they don’t actually do anything beneficial to your hair, they just assist with the look and ease when styling – similar to makeup!”

Now, what about your skincare?

“Although it may seem like your skin has become immune, there is no real evidence that skin ‘gets used to’ or becomes resistant to products,” Dr. Shobhan Manoharan, L’Oréal Paris Consulting Dermatologist.

“Having said that, there may be a benefit to ‘rotational therapy’. For instance, different Vitamin A products may work on different receptors in the skin, so alternating them may provide more of a rejuvenating effect than just using one alone. Similarly, regularly switching between Vitamin A and alpha-hydroxy acid products may help collagen improvement of the skin by different mechanisms, but using both products simultaneously may actually be too irritating.”

The key here?

Keep your basics the same (like your cleanser and regular face cream), but rotate the active, high performance products in your regime, such as serums. Also keep in mind that just like with your hair, the season will affect how your skincare feels. Winter calls for milder cleansing (think milks, oils and balms) and more hydrating formulas, while the moisture in the air in summer might mean you can switch to a foaming cleanser and lighter hydrator. Ensure you wear a high SPF on top all year round.

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