EXPERT Q&A: Ruby Rebic of Dolce Vita Beaute

12:0AM, Jan 1, 0001
Long for Miranda-perfect brows? Get the inside tips with Sydney eyebrow specialist, Ruby Rebic.

What is the difference between tweezing and waxing your brows, and which do you recommend is best?

Tweezing & waxing are very different; tweezing is time consuming and can be tricky & painful if you don't know what you're doing. Waxing should only be done on average once a month, which is what I recommend. An experienced person should have you waxed within five to 10 minutes. In saying that if a client has extremely sensitive skin they may need to tweeze.


What are the golden rules to remember when it comes to getting the best brow shape?

There are a few golden rules. Most people are born with great eyebrows that are hiding and a good therapist knows the rules to the perfect set of eyebrows, not too thin, not too thick, perfectly arched, not too wide apart and not rounded, nobody wants to look like Ronald McDonald!


What is the biggest mistake women make when trying to get the perfect brow shape?

The biggest mistake is trying to do them yourself or going to someone that is not qualified in this area. Would you allow a non-qualified person to insert a needle into your arm? Don't risk it - go to a professional and do your research.


What is the ideal time you should wait between appointments?

It really depends on how quickly your hair grows, the average is every four weeks but some clients need every two to three weeks, and others can last six weeks.


Are there any products you particularly like using that help to maintain your brow shape?

Some people are blessed and can just last visit to visit with no in-between help, others like myself, need a good set of tweezers and some brown eyeshadow to fill in those gaps. However the advice I give is catered to each person.


Do you recommend tinting your eyebrows? If so why?

Absolutely, a lot of my clients need to have their eyebrows tinted so that they look like they have some. In some cases it's very common that the ends are lighter so we tint them to even them out. Your eyebrows should always be one to two shades darker than your hair colour.


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