This Sephora Australia news will change your life

9:47AM, Nov 2, 2015
This Sephora Australia news will change your life

We were BEYOND excited when we found out Sephora was coming to Australia because it houses loads of exclusive brands like IT Cosmetics and Tarte that we can’t get our mitts on anywhere else.

And although we don’t mind braving the crowds and dragging ourselves to the actual store to fill our boots, we’re also of the internet generation and seriously enjoy that add-to-cart-and-ship convenience.

So it goes without saying we’re over the goddamn moon that the Sephora Australia website launches at 11am today. Can we get a 'hell yeah'?

The global beauty giant already has two bricks and mortar stores in Sydney with another set to open in Melbourne in late November.

Aussies living in non-Sephora states (should that be a new official classification?) will very much welcome the news of an online shopping destination, because it means you save on a plane ticket and have more money to spend on cosmetics.  

The website will be home to your already-faves like Marc Jacobs, Becca and Cover FX (among many, many more), PLUS yet more exclusive brands joining the line-up including ZOEVA, Alcina and EMK Beverly Hills. So you’re spoilt for choice really.

Have we made your day yet? 

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