The great oil myth

Oil blocks your pores and cause breakouts, right? No! Our beauty editor Leigh Campbell gives the lowdown…

The great oil myth

Won’t oil make my skin, well, more oily?

No, it won’t! Skin is partly comprised of its own oil, so this is a language it understands. “Good oils normalise and protect our skin. Lack of surface protection (which is made up of oil) leads to dehydration. In the case of stripping oily skin (through cleansing), our body then produces more oil to replenish the lost fluid on the surface, creating a vicious cycle,” explains Sue Dann, national training manager for Omniderm. The answer? An oil added to your skincare routine (think jojoba or rose hip) will trick the skin into thinking it’s made enough.

Surely a cleansing oil can’t actually clean my face?

These oils are designed to be added as the very first step of your routine, before your regular cleanser. “They work on the principle that like attracts like (so oil takes off oil) without stripping the skin,” explains Emma Hobson of The International Dermal Institute.

“When you wash off cleansing oil, you thoroughly wash away all the dirt, surface oil and debris, and they’re excellent for removing heavy makeup and sunscreen. So your second cleanse with your normal cleanser will really make your skin squeaky clean.”

Will oil in my hair make me look like I don’t shower?!

Gone are the days of heavy silicone-based serums that made you look like Slick Rick even if you only used one pump. The new slew of frizz fixers are oil-based and fantastic for replenishing moisture and smoothing fried ends. Virtually weightless, the key is to apply them from the ears down. Any higher is unnecessary as strands at your scalp are already nourished by your hair’s natural oils.

Some of our favourite products on the market right now are:

The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum, $69.95.

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Aeos Active Energised Organic Skincare Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq, $68.

Dermalogica Precleanse, $65.50.