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  • Sopland27
    Mary Kay Makeover
    5.42am, February 28th
    I stumbled across this application by Mary Kay yesterday on another forum and thought I would share. Just upload your face picture and select the style you want. It'll give you a good idea of how it will look on you. Also it will give you tips on how to apply certain products. Or you can do your own personal style and select everything from foundation to eye liner to blush and everything in between. In this section you can also choose which shade(s) to use. I have found this very helpful and quite fun. I hope you can get as much use out of it as I have. "Customize looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colors, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories and more. Choose a photo from your library or select from a variety of models. Save your favorite makeovers and products, shop online for your makeover must-haves or buy the whole look with just a few clicks!"
  • darciejo
    Anti Ageing
    9.22am, December 27th
    Its never to early to start and always know matter where you are before bed remove all makeup, ALWAYS
  • Epochas
    Epochas body sculpting cream and serum has had many people trying to detract or ignore it but in the end everyone who has tried it has seen results, Cosmo UK and UK daily mail both agree it works, is here to help get rid of that unwanted inch or two and fast (less than 2 weeks)
  • BlondGirl
    stay's all night long
    9.26pm, February 28th
    I hate wearing gloss and lip stick, i personally think it doesn't look good on me so i discovered this new pen- it's GREAT! You should all have it!
  • ashapaige
    facepainting and body art
    7.12pm, January 28th
    not a very well known form of makeup but it is amazing in its uniqueness and can be for everyone. definitely the way to go when stuck for dress-up or costume ideas. the ideas are endless. check out more at @ashapaige
  • ashapaige
    facepainting and bodyart
    7.07pm, January 28th
    this isn't a very well known form of makeup but it is amazingly fun and is suitable for everyone. with so many styles it makes for some amazingly different dress up parties or photoshoots
  • RoseSBowe
    my page
    11.24pm, January 25th

  • Shami_Siva
    For the complete post and step-by-step tutorial visit
  • Shami_Siva
    Let me start by saying I am ethnic and therefore my birthday suit comes in a higher thread count. And though Egyptian cotton does not grow from my pores, the down that does form can be quite problematic. I was 16 when I discovered the epilator. It was almost too good to be true – a time saving, easy, at-home, rechargeable device that removed hair from the root and didn't hurt as much as waxing. It was three-years until I purchased the miracle contraption. Five minutes later I was disillusioned. All too many of us have faced a similar fate, promised razor-free, long-lasting smooth legs only to find it takes light years to achieve results, several strokes for the rotating tweezers to pick up the hairs, and that the pain is beyond excruciating. But guess what? I've figured out how to use the epilator in a painless way! It removes all the hair off and fast! Oh happy day! 1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EPILATOR THAT CAN OPERATE WHEN WET. Most come with that feature these days. But if you’re thinking of skimping out, don’t. You’ll regret it. 2. CHARGE IT FULLY. No one likes a buzzkill. And nothing is worse that your epilator losing it vigour too early in the game. 3. EXFOLIATE THE SKIN. Use a body wash or conditioner and do it well. Those $2 gloves from the reject shop are beyond superb! 4. SUD THAT MOTHER UP. Good old fashioned shampoo will do. Squeeze a ten cent amount onto the head and let it buzzes with foam. Please don’t use bar soap. Unless you like pain. In which case I recommend you epilate dry and save water. 5. LATHER SHAMPOO ONTO YOUR SKIN AND GO TO TOWN. You should feel subtle pinpricks as the hair picks up. Each respective body part tends to take as long as it would to wax it. Once you’re done, rinse and check for any parts you may have missed. There shouldn't be many at all. Also, if you’re doing your arms, you’ll find you don’t end up with that horrid line ...
  • Myvinas_Blog
    Perfect Gel Eyeliner Look!
    11.47pm, December 15th
    I LOVEEEEEE is L’Oreal Superliner 24 hrs Gel Liner. L’Oreal gel liner is a long-lasting waterproof eyeliner, it has the best intense and bold colour finishing. I am able to wear it to work, gym or on a night out and the liner would not smudge as it has ultra-quick drying effect. No joke, it does last 24 hours if you don’t remove your makeup. This liner is perfect for big day like weddings and special events. Tips: Once you apply your eyeliner, gently lift your eyelid and line your upper lash line. If you need more gel just add more. I know this sounds crazy, but trust me it makes your eyeliner look perfect! Check out my blog for more step by step tutorial to get a perfect gel eyeliner look.
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