Kylie Jenner reveals she wants smaller lips

And the mascara trick in her latest tutorial is GENIUS.

Along with her candy-coloured wigs and nails, Kylie Jenner’s plump lips have become one of her signature features. So it makes sense we’ve all tried to copy that power pout one way or another, whether that be with makeup, suction tools, tattoos or actual injectables. But in her latest ‘Glam’ video, Kylie reveals she’d actually like her lips to be smaller.

That’s right. SMALLER.

Speaking with her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, Kylie says, "You know what's weird? I've been into small lips lately. Like, I want them to look small."


She went on to explain she prefers a more natural makeup look these days, and proved she’s also channelling natural vibes with her nail shape choice.

So just when we’d filed Kylie under Big Nails and Even Bigger Lips, we now have to come to terms with taking her out of that file. (We'll be sending her the admin bill.)

That said though, Joyce did reveal a mascara trick that’s pretty damn fancy and not-so-natural. Essentially, to help your eyes look bigger with the help of mascara, you should "always let it hit the skin because it kind of adds a little bit more,” says Joyce.

If you accidentally apply too much, just clean the area up with cotton tips. EASY.

So I guess we’ll all start kissing the skin around our eyes with our mascara brush and opt for a more deflated lip look. Because, ~trendsetter~.