With this dress, I thee trash

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What do you do with your dress after the big day?
What do you do with your dress after the big day?

It's elegant, white, swishy and costs thousands. Your wedding dress can make you feel like a million bucks … but sadly you only get to wear it once. So what do you do with it after the big day? Do you dry clean it and stick in a cupboard for decades? Do you try and resell it on eBay or at somewhere like Savvy Brides (savvybrides.com.au)? Or do you … trash the dress?

Yes, you read right. It's a trend that's sweeping through the bridal world. Running into crashing waves at the beach, splattering it with paint or traipsing through mud after the reception are just some of the options. Brides who do this figure the dress has done its job - it's never going to be worn again, so they may as well have some fun in it.

But the concept isn't always as horrifying as it sounds. It can have beautiful outcomes. Take, for example, one of the brides recently featured in Cosmo Bride. Kiani and her groom Jason said "I do" on Hayman Island in Queensland's Whitsundays last November. They enjoyed an intimate day with family and friends, then two days later they both got back into their bridal outfits and went on an underwater photo shoot. They waded into the tropical waters and kissed, swam and smiled. The resulting pictures were stunning. Here's just a sample - check out the full wedding on p.158 of the Autumn 2012 issue.

So, what do you think you'll be doing with your dress after your nuptials?

Credit: Photography by Lisa Michele Burns (lisamicheleburns.com).




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