Man proposes to girlfriend 148 times and she doesn’t notice

12:53PM, Jan 14, 2016
Cassidy Loane
Turns out the selfie isn’t always so superficial

We’re all guilty of taking a quick selfie (or hundred) when the lighting's right and we’ve just hit the gym (or are just dressed for the day in our hottest workout gear #fitness). But this guy took the selfie to a whole new level, taking 148 secret selfies of him and his girlfriend with a proposal hidden in each frame – ADORABLE!


After finding out his girlfriend (now fiancé) Claire Bramley was pregnant, Ray Smith started his proposal, telling her that was documenting her pregnancy day by day. In fact, he was planning the world’s longest (well, we’re guessing) and most delightfully charming proposal.


Apparently Bramley hadn’t even noticed the hidden proposal in the pictures and Smith was always one step ahead of her, taking a second picture without the proposal in case she asked to see it – super smart!


Smith even got their family and friends in on the surprise, having them hold up personalised cards of their own asking Claire if she’d marry him. He finally got down on one knee on Christmas day and showed Bramley his half-year long proposal. She of course said yes and the rest is selfie history!


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