Expert Q&A: Pink Frosting

11:19AM, Feb 8, 2011

Each Tuesday, Cosmo Bride asks one wedding insider to share their best tips and ideas. This week, Katherine Porritt from online wedding shop Pink Frosting

When was Pink Frosting born, and what inspired you to start the business?
I started Pink Frosting five years ago as a wedding styling business, while I was on maternity leave. I wanted to keep my creative juices flowing while I was a mum, and found it in spades with my fun business. While I was working with brides on their weddings, I realised there weren't any really beautiful wedding decorations or favours easily available in Australia, so I put myself on a plane and went on a worldwide buying trip.

Pink Frosting is now Australia's number one online wedding and party shop, and one of the top five gift websites in Australia. I'm obviously full time on Pink Frosting now and we have a team of 15 staff in Canberra sending beautiful packages of celebration products all around the world!

The name Pink Frosting represents the iconic expressions "the icing on the cake" and "the cherry on top", as well as my belief that pink frosting is a must-have for any kind of celebration in my home.
What sort of services do you provide for brides?
Our main service is providing thousands of decorations, accessories, stationery and favours for brides across Australia. We personalise, customise and package the order all together, and have a team of wedding stylists on hand to answer questions about decorating and styling and provide advice about our products. Our website also has a comprehensive section with planning tools and ideas for your wedding day and other celebrations, and our blog has daily updates and ideas for planning the perfect wedding. All in all, we are the one-stop celebration destination online for Australian brides!
What are some of your most popular items?
In terms of favours, our personalised options are the most popular, including favour boxes printed with the bride and groom's names and a special message for their guests. Our customised rock candy is always a big winner as are our photo frames, which can also be used as a place card holder.

We're also really proud of our wedding cake decorations. We have great novelty cake toppers and figurines to suit fun themes, as well as custom made sparkling cake letters to personalise the top of your wedding cake.

Our new lines of wedding invitations include some pretty unique accessories, such as table number cards, wine wrappers, car decals, chocolate bars with matching wrappers, water bottles and place cards. The new styles come in a range of themes, such as fairytale, beach, coral reef and floral damask.

Australian beach weddings are another of our specialties, and some of our new and popular lines include finger starfish, frangipani petals in yellow and pink, crystal-encrusted starfish candles and guest books, not to mention our beautiful wedding parasols and hand fans in so many styles and colours.

Has wedding styling changed much in the last few years and what are some of the great new ideas you’re seeing coming through?
Just five years ago it was hard to find inspiration and great decorations in Australia, but now it’s a cinch and it makes me so happy that we were a big part of this change. The most impressive ideas I am seeing at the moment come from brides and grooms simply being themselves and adding a personal touch to their day – whether it’s through a favourite recipe, making their own favours or folding paper cranes with special messages for their guests.
If you were getting married tomorrow, how would you theme your big day?
I would have a similar day to the one I had the first time – a beautiful beach wedding with my favourite people staying with us for a few days before the wedding day. I'd still have a wedding planner to take all the stress away, but I'd really take advantage of the personalised options available now, such as aisle runners, customised wedding parasols and favours with our names and wedding date stamped on them.
To contact Pink Frosting, call 1300 855 633 or visit


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