Expert Q & A: Kelly Beans Bomboniere

5:58AM, Dec 17, 2012
Owner and Operator Kelly spills the beans on what it takes to make amazing bomboniere without blowing the budget...

How did Kelly Beans Bomboniere come to life?

Marrying into a Greek family, I had attended many Greek Orthodox weddings where bomboniere was always a big feature of the table decorations. I observed many different wedding favours, some unique and others more traditional. 12 months after having my first child I decided to start a business selling unique and personalised bomboniere for all occasions.  I’m a big fan of breaking traditions and surprising people with different ideas!

What should couples think about when choosing their favours?

My advice is to decide on a gift that blends with your table decorations whilst at the same time offering something memorable that your guests can enjoy and take home. For example, I assembled edible weights for the helium balloon centerpieces at my daughter’s christening. The kids were able to take the balloons home and enjoy the jelly beans in the clear box which were each decorated with a personalised label, wrapped in a cellophane bag and attached to the balloons with curling ribbon. 

Ultimately, you want them to compliment your tables in the most effective way possible, so focus on choosing a gift which brings the same colours as your theme. 

Price is also important and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune if your budget won’t allow it. Pick something that you feel the majority of your guests would enjoy eating or find useful at home.

What’s making waves in the world of favours at the moment?

Vintage and rustic-style weddings are really big at the moment. I have brides ordering our empty olive oil bottles and filling them with their own homemade Italian lemon liqueur (Limoncello) and wrapping a name tag around the bottle. And of course, personalised jam and honey jars decorated with hessian fabric and twine is a real trend right now. 

People love anything personalised, so labels, name tags and printed ribbon always add a nice touch but it’s important to keep it simple and not over-personalise your bomboniere.

How can couples have amazing bomboniere without breaking the budget?

Many brides prefer to assemble their own bomboniere which will reduce costs, so we offer a wide range of DIY supplies. Our most popular products include small glass jars offered in various sizes ideal for filling with homemade jam, honey or confectionery. In addition, we offer empty small olive oil bottles suitable for filling with your own olive oil or liqueurs.  For a personal touch, we offer personalised labels and name tags in many designs to decorate the jars or bottles. However, we do offer professionally decorated bomboniere to cater for those who prefer to have the gifts assembled for them. These include clear boxes decorated with beautiful personalised ribbons and filled with single coloured jelly beans, sugared confectionery or delicious foil wrapped chocolates.

Check out Kelly’s range of bomboniere at

Compiled by Karina Recchi


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