Darling Buds

10:24AM, Jan 14, 2011

Coordinate your bridal party perfectly with these fresh picks...

Country charm – top tips

Herbs suit country and city venues...
Mix herbs together for wonderfully rustic flowers, or keep it sophisticated in a city venue: use one herb with one bloom – for example, thyme with ranunculus. Mint, rosemary and thyme work well in bouquets as they can withstand being out of water.

Match your bouquet to your gown...
Pair a slinky evening dress with a simple, elegant posy, such as Lily of the Valley. Wide princess styles can pull off full bouquets, while short, flirty gowns suit loosely structured, wild, colourful flowers.

Book your florist in good time...
Start the search at least six to 12 months before the wedding. If there’s a particular florist you love, book them early to ensure you’re not disappointed.

Bride’s bouquet: Sarah Bernhardt peonies, pale pink astilbe, brodea, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, hosta leaves and davallia fern.
Bridesmaid’s bouquet: Muscari, pink Lily of the Valley, viola, mint, rosemary and thyme.
Buttonhole: Pink Lily of the Valley, muscari, viola and ivy.

Vintage glamour – top tips

Bring your bouquet to life with personal touches...
Subtly incorporate details from your dress, such as pearls, crystals or a lace overlay, into the bouquet’s handle. If the parents of the bride have a garden, use a few freshly picked flowers to make the end result really personal.

A small budget doesn’t have to mean a small impact...
Fill painted terracotta pots with pretty posies of herbs and seasonal flowers, or decorate tables with swathes of rose petals and tea lights for a low-cost but luxe look.

Have fun with the reception and ceremony flowers...
People expect to see the same flowers and colour scheme at the ceremony and reception, so dare to be different! At a winter wedding, fill the church with reds and pinks, and use white and silver at the reception.

For more beautiful-bloom tips, pick up the Autumn 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Bride, on sale now.

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