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  • leesh0301
    11.10am, June 25th
    Our wedding was the greatest day of our lives! We had been engaged for 3.5 years before it came around for us, having put it off for so long so as that Dean could complete his uni degree. Our day was modern elegance, mixed with simple classic touches. We kept the styling and theme really simple,...
  • Brookeyp91
    Simple elegance
    8.11am, October 9th
    When I got engaged, I knew right away what I wanted. Since Luke proposed at Taronga Zoo- the Taronga Centre right next door to the zoo felt right. And having a wedding of 180- we knew we might have been limited! Planning was easy- the theme I was going for was 'simple elegance'. I am not a 'flas...
  • Mindagill84
    1.22pm, June 10th
    Mick and I had gotten back together after not seeing each other for 8 years. The first time we saw each other again was when we took our daughter to the Capricorn Caves, and realised at the same moment that we both missed our soulmate and the love of our life (although it took another month to get b...
  • BrittCousins
    3.21am, June 9th
    James and I met when we were kids. We were 8 and 10 years old. We met at a place called Pambula Beach, NSW where both of our families go for holidays every year. This is also where he proposed to me. What an incredible experience this all has been. When you start planning a wedding there is so mu...
  • ajane_89
    12.03pm, March 26th
    Theme: Young Love Planning: The wedding was in Sanur, Indonesia and I live on the gold coast. I used a wedding planner who helped plan bits and pieces while I sourced decorations etc from places like etsy. Lots of help from family and friends. Hiccups: A huge storm that was predicted to last t...
  • KatieAmanda
    My wedding day was so much better than I could have ever imagined. I'd wanted to be married since I was 8 and I thought I had my wedding planned out, but I really had no idea. So when people started asking me about what I wanted, I was completely clueless. I sat down with the woman I had asked to be...
  • Skyeholland
    10.40pm, February 21st
    We got engaged in January 2013 in Western Australia the morning after my uncles wedding, and it was the best morning of my life. I started planning almost straight away but all the decisions (apart for my dress) were made together and Pelham was really involved in everything. Pelham and I decided ...
  • MrsSwan14
    9.49pm, February 21st
    We had originally wanted an overseas wedding to avoid all the big wedding drama. As I am a travel agent the idea of getting married on a cruise ship came up & we both loved the idea!!! The one great thing about getting married on a cruise ship was that the ship crew took care of most of the det...
  • my1983
    2.34pm, February 21st
    Our wedding took place on a 43 degree day! We were married on the banks of the Murray River benath the gum trees on Bretts family property. I was serenaded down the isle by my Brother and a friend to Angus & Julia stone, "the wedding song'. My husband Brett firstly made a vow to my & yr old daugh...
  • Ullmann
    Timeless, elegant, quirky
    10.54am, January 29th
    It was a warm Friday in August and it was coming up to our 6 year anniversary. This Friday was special (little did I know, special in more ways than one). I was happily finishing up my last day in my casual position - you know the one that gets you through university? I had recently accepted a great...
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