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  • The most important rule of bridal beauty
    5:08AM, May 16 Bride Team

    Katie Price is no stranger to faking it

    Just recently, I interviewed an absolutely gorgeous bride. I stumbled across her wedding photos on a photographer’s website and had to know how she achieved such a luminous make-up look.

    I tracked down her contact details and asked her to tell me EVERYTHING about how she came to look so flawless on her wedding day - starting with the brand of her primer.

    “Oh, I didn’t wear any primer.”

    I reminded myself that not everyone is obsessed with primer yet and that’s OK. Not every make-up artist uses it. I continued onto my next question.

    “What foundation did you go with?”

     “Oh, I didn’t wear any foundation,” was her response. I tried my best to sound cool and calm.

    “So you just opted for a concealer?”

    “No, no concealer.”

    Now I was stumped. No primer, foundation or concealer on your wedding day? REALLY? I’m aware I sound like one of the ladies from Beauty and the Geek right now, but this type of nuptial nudity was unfathomable for me. Then, I thought I'd cracked the code.

    “Did you get oxygen facials in the lead up to your wedding?!”

    “No... to be honest I wash my face with soap usually… and I don’t really wear make-up.”

    I see.

    After digging a little deeper, it turns out this beautiful bride did try the whole full face of make-up thing for her wedding day, but only because she felt like she had to. In the same way people feel obligated to have penis paraphernalia at their hen’s night I guess. Blush and false lashes seem mandatory on your wedding day, even if you’re strictly a bronzer only type of gal.

    This bride had walked out of her make-up trial looking very made up and glam, but very not her. Kate Bosworth in Kardashian-style make-up, I imagine. She felt a bit unrecognisable, which was the last look she was going for.

    In the end, she decided to purchase a reasonably priced bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss, which her make-up artist applied sparingly, and that was all she needed to look freakishly fabulous on her wedding day.

    I hung up the phone having realised what could be THE most important rule of bridal beauty: you have to ensure you still feel like yourself on your wedding day.

    All the primping and plucking will be a waste of time if you don’t feel comfortable. One look at my year 10 formal photos confirms this for me (my eyes are half shut in every photo due to the weight of some hefty false lashes). Lay your eyes on the beautiful bride I’ve been raving about in Cosmo Bride Best Real Weddings, on sale now. The gorgeous Justine appears on page 246. PS her softly waved hair and floral headband look just as effortless and stunning.

  • Southern charm
    5:48PM, Oct 11 Bride Team

    My hubby and I recently headed down to the NSW South Coast to check out some gorgeous venue options for Cosmo Bride readers. Even though we're already married, it was such a lovely way to spend a weekend, and definitely brought back memories from our own venue search six years earlier.

    Our first stop was Ravensthorpe, a stunning 19th-century country manor in Albion Park (a 90 minute drive from Sydney or just 10 from Shellharbour), that has been lovingly restored by owners Jim and Deborah McCallum.

    Complete with an outdoor rotunda for your ceremony and a gorgeous marquee out the back, which seats 200 guests for the reception, it also has a private cottage and three rooms in the homestead for you, your bridal party and/or some VIP guests to stay, and the picturesque gardens provide ample opportunities for your post-ceremony shots.

    We arrived just in time for one of the menu tasting nights that Ravensthorpe regularly holds for couples who've booked the venue - such a great idea.

    Executive chef Joel cooks up some of the more popular wedding menu options for you and your parents, and you're welcome to try a selection of wines from the large list on offer to create the best food and beverage matches for your day.

    We felt very privileged to take part in this special night and sampled some mouthwatering options, including the slow-cooked pork belly with Asian greens and five spice broth, chicken breast on corn and chorizo risotto, and a delish banana and cinnamon pudding with toffee sauce and passionfruit ice cream for dessert.

    Ravensthorpe is a great venue option for Sydney couples looking for a country getaway with everything included. There's plenty of parking on the grounds and you can set your guests up with accommodation at Ravensthorpe or in nearby Shellharbour. The next morning, staying guests can congregate for a post-wedding brekkie, where you'll sample Deborah's homemade range of Ravenous mueslis, breads and spreads. Yummo!

    For more details, see, and stay tuned for more of my blogs, detailing the other great venue options we discovered in nearby Kiama and Shellharbour.

  • First-class invitations
    8:22PM, Oct 8 Bride Team

    It truly is wedding season and I can tell by the colour of my fridge. It's filled with cards that are all shimmering with bliss screaming at me to RSVP to the Wedding/engagement/kitchen tea. Among this pastel rainbow is the recycled-paper number with loud typography, the classic black and white vellum card with elegant script, and then there's bespoke white jacquard invite showing off a ribbon to match their colour scheme. But my favourite, my absolute favourite, (sadly) could not be stuck to the fridge. In fact, it couldn't even be mailed to me.

    Over brunch last weekend my girlfriend Catherine handed me her invitations. Sitting above a shimmering stack of envelopes was a miniature purple cheese grater. Needless to say, I looked at her like she was mad until I saw the little card strung by a ribbon to the top inviting me to her kitchen tea. I swiped it off the table, gushing over how it was such a brilliant idea, and she told me how she had a whole bag full of mini kitchen appliances including whisks and wooden spoons to hand out for her day.

    It's such a great idea - and easy to recreate. You can buy mini kitchen appliances from Pink Frosting (, including measuring spoons and whisks, and all you need to do is print out your invitation on a mini card and tie it with some ribbon to match your colour scheme. Voila.

    Have you guys come across any other cool invitation ideas?

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