You’ll be stunned by how much Taylor Swift earns per day

1:44PM, Oct 20, 2015

For the love of Olivia Benson, this CANNOT be true. Taylor Swift has reportedly earned $1.2 million dollars every single day this year.

Yes, that’s $1.2m fat ones. PER DAY.

Sure, she’s basically everywhere with her #Squad taking over stadiums the world over but this number seems excessive.

At least she uses her money for the greater good. She recently gave $15 to a family who didn't have medical insurance and were in an accident and she also gave $50k to an 11 year old girl with leukemia, as well as paying off a fan's student loan.

We are flabbergasted. And have turned greener than this homegirl:


Also, check Tay out on the cover of Australian Vogue:



Stunning or what?!

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