Kim Kardashian just hit peak crazy with her Hype Energy drink advert

1:16AM, Jul 29, 2015

Kim Kardashian is not merely a human, she is a brand, and she knows how to work the hell out of it. When your name carries as much weight as hers does comapnies want to pay you the big bucks to push their products, and we’re guessing Hype Energy drink offered her an absolute mountain of cash to do this ‘film’ for them. Because otherwise, WTF?

The two and a half minute video starts off with a close up of Kim’s BANGING engagment ring, which after staring at for a while you realise is attached to her lifeless body which is lying on the pavement following a tragic cycling accident, that occurred because she was too busy posing for the camera to watch the damn road. SAFETY FIRST, KIMMY. FFS.

After spilling her basket full of Hype Energy drink (YES, REALLY) she knocks herself out and dreams about becoming a Marie Antoinette/Casper the friendly ghost hybrid who enjoys sippin’ on (you guessed it) Hype Energy drink, and allowing pervy cameramen to take close up shots of her bossom.

And that’s all before a quick mash-up of different outfits and beauty looks thrown together at the end for good measure.

YOU LITERALLY CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP. Watch it for yourself, because you really do have to see it to believe.

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