Jennifer Lopez dubsmashes without makeup, is insanely flawless

8:52AM, Feb 4, 2016
Lorna Gray
Which begs the question: is J.Lo an actual human being?

Jennifer Lopez, we literally can’t handle you.

Not only do you #SLAY in a sparkly bodysuit like no other, you also look like an absolute goddess au naturel. As in, completely bare-faced, hair scraped back with some daggy lounge wear on.

Her boyfriend Casper Smart uploaded a funny Dubsmash of the pair (he’s also embracing his most basic self and is topless), and we honestly can’t get over how good J.Lo looks.

Jen is 46 and looks at least 20 years younger. It’s also good to see these two getting a bit goofy together.

BRB, off to hunt the elixir of eternal youth Jennifer Lopez is so clearly hogging. (And these other celebs who clearly don't age either...)

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