Macklemore owns a painting of Justin Bieber’s pancake peen

2:43PM, Mar 14, 2016
Nikki Kinstlinger
You heard us.
Macklemore's painting of Justin Bieber

Ahh to be rich and famous. If not for the fancy houses, flash cars and never-ending wardrobe options, then at least for the disposable income that can be spent and invested on things like art.

Yes, art. Because what is a fancy home if not for walls covered in characteristic paintings and prints? Apparently this is something Macklemore wholeheartedly agrees with us on, according to a new Rolling Stone profile on the rapper.

To cut to the chase, Rolling Stone reporter, Jonah Weiner, spent some time with Ben Haggerty (AKA Macklemore) recently and one of the stand-out things he noticed was that he has some weird AF art strewn all over his Seattle studio.

Among paintings of bald eagles and Drake, there sits the holy grail of all artworks; a canvas painting of Justin Bieber with maple syrup running down his chest (sounds promising), drizzling down onto a pancake which is balanced atop his boner (we just went from promising to confusing, sorry guys).

Image via Dan Lacey/Etsy

TBH we’re not even sure if it’s a pancake balancing on his boner or he just has a penis made out of a pancake (oh, look at that, we’re back to promising!) Either way, we’re perplexed and kind of jealous all at once.

Apparently this is what happens when you spend “lots of time buying weird stuff on Etsy.”

We hear that.

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