Tom Hardy’s iPhone case was the real winner of the Oscars

1:58PM, Mar 1, 2016
Lorna Gray
Thank you for being you, Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy’s provided us with the goods over the years. Number 1 is undoubtedly Tom Hardy’s MySpace page.

Number 2 is Tom Hardy naked. (If you haven’t seen Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page, you’ll probably be wondering why the hell we’ve ranked it before Tom Hardy naked but trust us, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened EVER.)

And now we’ve got the bronze. Coming in at number 3 is Tom Hardy’s iPhone case.

He took a wee selfie with his wife, Charlotte Riley, and man-of-the-moment, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Pretty epic that he’s busy taking selfies and wearing shades like it ain’t no thang while he’s on the Academy red carpet.

But eagle-eyed people soon noticed it was the BEST THING to happen to the red carpet.

Tom Hardy’s iPhone case is a picture of Tom Hardy.

He has a picture of HIMSELF on his iPhone case. With Woody the dog because of course.

Our love for Tom Hardy has reached new heights, errybody. Nobody else (except maybe Leo) could get away with this and make it cool. 


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