John Krasinski is now RIPPED AF

11:3AM, Dec 17, 2015
You’re gonna need a mop for all your salivating.
John Krasinski is now RIPPED AF and seriously hot

Funny guy, star of The Office and husband of Emily Blunt John Krasinski, is on the new Men’s Health cover and he’s looking a little different to how we're used to seeing him.


John can now be firmly removed from the 'Men With Sexy Dad Bods' file, because he's gone and done a Chris Pratt and turned FULL BUFF.


*Can’t stop staring*

In the issue, John reveals he had to sculpt that physique for his new Navy SEAL role in “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” and apparently his workout routine was hellish.

"I gotta be honest: It was brutal at times. We did tons of metabolic work, dragging sleds and all this stuff I’ve seen NFL players do," he said.

John revealed he got down to 5 per cent body fat and we have say, our eyes reckon it was worth it.


Eat your heart out, Hugh Jackman. 

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