Interview: Horrible Bosses

The A-list cast of the rom-com spills all their on-set secrets...

Horrible Bosses is a flick about three buddies who team up to kill their respective bosses... with hilarious consequences. Starring the likes of Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston, this black comedy is sure to get lots of LOLs.

Jennifer, one of the stunning aspects of Horrible Bosses is your character's outrageousness. Do you think there's a shift in comedy towards gorgeous women saying really naughty things?
JENNIFER ANISTON: I'm not going to answer that. [Laughs] I know I had no hesitation to answer that part of your question at all.
JASON SUDEIKIS: She made them dirtier. [Laughs]
JENNIFER ANISTON: I did. Jennifer, did you work with [director] Seth Gordon to develop the character and how much did he encourage you to use your potty-mouth?
JENNIFER ANISTON: It wasn't really encouraged. It was on the page, so I was just doing my job. But there was nothing that happened that he wasn't just getting, I think, so tickled and excited about. After every take, he would just be like, 'The raunchier, the better.' So, it was pretty easy. It really was.
SETH GORDON: I was cackling between every take, especially all the stuff in the dentist's office, just all the nuances of the foul mouth. I just loved it. There was always a little wheeze and a cackle you can hear on some of the takes. Seth, can you talk about casting Jamie Foxx as MF Jones?
SETH GORDON: I wanted to find a great comedian to play that role with all the intensity that he could muster and I feel like it's forgotten somehow that Jamie Foxx started in comedy. He's just hilarious and I think that's because he has Oscars for playing a different side of things, but I thought he brought such intensity and awesomeness to that role. I think it's one of the really strong parts of the film when he tells his back-story, just so marvelous. I was glad he could be a part of it. Jennifer, can you talk a little about satirizing male sexist behavior when it is seen in a female?
JENNIFER ANISTON: That's what I think was so fun about the part, sort of being a female that is usually the male character. I thought of her as just like a guy and that's what made it that much more fun. Did you have any input into your character?
JENNIFER ANISTON: No. Not at all. [Laughs] I did go to the dentist right beforehand though. See how they hold the tools. The rest was easy. Charlie, you're hilarious in this movie.
CHARLIE DAY: Oh, thank you. Please tell me that the photo shoot you did with Miss Aniston actually happened and wasn't photo-shopped.
CHARLIE DAY: Yeah, that was an actual photo shoot. We took those photos together and we got to know each other.
JENNIFER ANISTON: We were together.
CHARLIE DAY: We had a nice little private session and took some photos. I've never been more embarrassed about my body in my life than standing next to this woman. But I've since started to see a trainer… Jennifer, were you sort of one of the guys? And what was the atmosphere like behind the scenes on this movie?
JENNIFER ANISTON: I just kept apologizing to Charlie for everything that had just happened. I wasn't with the guys, really. It was just me and Charlie and Seth. So, we would just sort of get to know each other in between straddling. Charlie, it must have been pretty rough for you. Did you forgive Jennifer for what her character did after every take?
CHARLIE DAY: I'll live through it, but you did bite my ear pretty hard. I'd say.
CHARLIE DAY: Yeah, but it's realistic.
JENNIFER ANISTON: Well, that's what I was going for. Jennifer, can you tell us what's the toughest job you've ever had?
JENNIFER ANISTON: Toughest job I ever had was being a bike messenger in New York City. What was your worst thing as a bike messenger?
JENNIFER ANISTON: Probably driving into a door that opened. I'm very uncoordinated, extraordinarily klutzy, and I just should never have been allowed on a bicycle, with cylinders. Can you also talk about finding a new look for this character in this movie?
JENNIFER ANISTON: I knew I wanted her to look different. I wanted her to have dark hair, but I was doing a movie right before and right after, so we had this wonderful period of time that we call 'Hairgate' because nobody wanted me to wear the wig. But, I was like, there's no way that I can be saying these words and playing this woman and not look somewhat different. So, that was really fun for me. It was such freedom. I had never had that much fun with a character before. For Jason Bateman, at this point in your career, are these roles that utilize your wry humor finding you or are your people still having to pitch you for this kind of character that you're so good at?
JASON BATEMAN: I don't know. I mean, you do get hired for what you last did and I guess it just kind of becomes your choice or obligation to do different things. I haven't had the luxury of drastically different roles coming my way. Hopefully I will someday. And I'll take those…
JASON SUDEIKIS: Forrest Gump Two.
JASON BATEMAN: Yeah. Up until then, I will continue to just basically take what I get. Jennifer, your character's obviously an extreme, but do you think that older women particularly are more confident in their sexuality are scary to men? And do you find yourself becoming more confident with yourself or happier with yourself as grow older?
JENNIFER ANISTON: Absolutely. I think I absolutely get more comfortable in my body and in who I am as I get older, way more than when I was in my twenties. I was just so awkward and uncomfortable. And are men intimidated by sexually confident women? I think men are intimidated by any woman who's sexually confident no matter what age. Charlie, in the movie you get to talk dirty with Jennifer, who's long been kind of an 'America's Sweetheart.' Were you intimidated at all when you found out you'd have to get really dirty with Rachel from Friends?
CHARLIE DAY: Yeah, but what's good is that my natural reaction is caught there on film and goes into the movie. So, my job was to be shocked to the things that were coming out of her mouth. So, for me it was pretty easy and a lot of fun. What about when you were actually saying the more disgusting things?
CHARLIE DAY: Oh, like in the car? I don't know. I've got a filthy mouth. It was no problem for me. [Laughs] I'll talk dirty to anyone who wants to hear it. Have any of you ever been part of any hair-brained schemes that have simply gone too far?
JASON SUDEIKIS: Yeah, I got arrested for a group of friends in college trying to break into a car wash in the middle of winter in Kansas. Yeah, that was a hair-brained scheme that didn't work out for any of us.
JENNIFER ANISTON: But, wait, why were you breaking into a car wash?
JASON SUDEIKIS: It was in Fort Scott, Kansas. We were back early for basketball practice before the rest of the people got there, and we got into a car and there was a crowbar in there and a friend had an idea that we were going to go crack open like the dollar machine that you get your change out of so that you can put it in the vacuum and we didn't get to it. [Laughs] I mean, there was nothing going on in Kansas and we got rolled up on and guns pulled. So, yeah, that was about the extent of my criminal career. Jennifer, I know you keep getting called 'America's Sweetheart.' Did you actively want to take on this role to kind of challenge that label?
JENNIFER ANISTON: No, I didn't take the role so that I could sort of rid myself of that title. I don't know where that title came from. I mean, there are so many different American Sweethearts. I just took the part because I loved it and I thought it would be a fun challenge and fun for me to step out of what people usually like to see me play. That's a label. There's always going to be something attached to you, but, no, I wasn't.

Horrible Bosses is available on DVD and Blu-Ray now.