The Kardashians Strip

Cosmo talks undies and more with our favourite sisters. Read our five minutes with them here…

When Cosmo found out we were going to get to talk to not one, not even two, but three Kardashian sisters, we freaked! These ladies are a BIG deal. They have hit TV shows, 10 million Instagram followers between them, and jewellery, clothing and handbag lines. As if that wasn’t enough, now the girls have launched Kardashian Kollection Intimates, an underwear range available at Bras N Things.

We wanted to find out more, so at 6.20am on a Wednesday, we dialled Miami to talk to them about knickers, boobs and shoes…

Congrats on the new line! Was it fun to design?

Kourtney: We love designing together. We all have different styles. Kim likes it sexier; I like it more mum-friendly.

Khloé: Kourt is so, like, just loungy whatever. If it fits, she loves it.

Kourtney: That’s my mood right now. I’m all about my kids.

Khloé: Whatever doesn’t have barf on – it’s ready to go. We call her the over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

Kourtney: No! Don’t call me that!

Khloé: You love that I call you that.

Kourtney: I can still be a cool mum.

Khloé: Yes, but you have tits for days.

Kourtney: I’m still breastfeeding!

Khloé: If you were here, and you were thirsty, she could squeeze some into your mouth.

Kourtney: I’ve actually got to run right now and breastfeed Penelope.

Khloé: Yeah, go leak your boobs, Kourtney.

Bye, Kourtney! So you all did a shoot for the line. What’s your secret to feeling confident in your underwear?

Khloé: When you’re with your sisters, you feel more confident and secure than if you were just alone or with strangers. Like, you know, it’s my sisters, so we’ve seen each other naked! But I definitely think it’s feeling good within yourself and knowing your body and what sets look best on you.

Kim: It’s about staying in shape. When I’m really tanned also, that’s when I feel confident.

What kind of lingerie do you feel sexiest in?

Kim: I feel sexiest in a pretty matching bra and underwear set.

Khloé: A silk, lace lingerie nightie.

Khloé, if your husband, Lamar was choosing a pair of undies for you, what would he pick?

Khloé: He likes to switch things up, so you never know. Little boy shorts and a bra top, that’s sexy and cute.

Kim, what underwear would surprise yourboyfriend, Kanye?

Kim: For myself – I don’t like to talk about anyone else, really, but if it were just for myself – because every woman should feel sexy for her own personal confidence, I would definitely choose to wear a thong.

What’s the last thing you each bought?

Khloé: I think Kim and I have a major shopping problem.

Kim: No, I haven’t shopped in at least…

Khloé: You just had stuff dropped off at the house!

Kim: It was a present.

Khloé: The last thing I bought was a pair of Céline sunglasses.

Kim: Um, probably something on iTunes.

Who owns most shoes?

Kim : Probably Khloé.

Khloé: I think Kim and I would both be in the competition for that.

Do you reckon you could put a number on it?

Khloé: Thousands… No, I’m kidding. I just have a problem letting go of bags and shoes – because no matter what, they always fit. But then Kim will be like, “These are from 1997. You have to let them go!”

Is there a celebrity, dead or alive, who you’d like to see wearing something from your collection?

Kim: Marilyn Monroe.

Khloé: I was about to say Marilyn too!

Kim: She’d look great in the Intimates.

Khloé: Who doesn’t love Marilyn?

Kourtney's favourite from the line is the Stained Glass Bustier Bra ($49.99) and Boylegs ($26.99). "This bralette comes with fuller bottoms. As a mum I feel like it's a bit more wearable for me."

Kim's favourite is the Electra Teddy ($69.99). "I love everything to be sexy, like this one-piece. I like to sex it up with the Intimates."

Khloé's favourite is the Enchanted Bustier Bra ($49.99) and Briefs ($26.99). "This corset bra is my favourite. Show it off with a high-waister skirt and blazer."