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Guy grief? Need all the advice you can get? Share your dilemma and let the Cosmo crew help you decide to Love Him or Leave Him. Play nice.

  • Sexual harassment is dicey territory in the dating world once the relationship is over. What kinds of advances are welcome and which of them are unwelcome is highly subjective, and even legal definitions often fall short of providing us with concrete guidelines. The lack of these guidelines, combine...
  • Uggs the Grand Force of Footwear
    3.05pm, March 14th
      Slip your feet into something special this season with a pair of Ugg boots. There has never been a more versatile shoe on the market then the Ugg boot and whilst some are keen to shoot down the so called ugly truth about Uggs, they still get the big thumbs up from us as being the best ...
  • Best Quality Coffee Ground For Coffee Machines
    5.18pm, February 21st
    Coffee is one of the most stimulating drinks one can ever taste. For some, it gives them that certain comfort and assurance if they ingest some cups of it. It is usually made in coffee machines where the mixture and ingredients are processed. This is the most common form of beverage that is u...
  • Homewares For Home To Reflect Your Heart
    12.13pm, November 21st
    “Home is where the heart is” is the classic quote that captures the essence of home style.  Who we share the space with and what we do in the space all contributes to the needs of the room and how you create a space that reflects your heart. The homewares is traditionally sha...
  • The first sign of a wow wedding!
    9.24am, October 17th
    A little brown envelope arrived in the post last week. As soon as I saw it, with its beautifully handwritten calligraphy and a little wax seal on the back, I got really excited. I knew it contained something very special… And it did, it was a wedding invitation from my super-talented food-...
  • I could be Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Sliding Doors'.
    10.29pm, October 3rd
      Sometimes life deals you a crossroads and you have to choose Road A or Road B.  A moment in my life was the difference between staying with my then-boyfriend of five years who cheated on me, or finally getting together with a high school guy friend who'd been on the sideli...
  • #1 -Post of a quote i loved!
    12.05pm, October 3rd
  • So very true xx
    9.19am, September 12th
    Life isn't greener on the other side, its green where you water it. 
  • Beautiful Monday Morning
    1.42pm, September 3rd
    You have to love it when a guy speaks his mind and it's not all about sex..... 9:00am this morning a trady calls out to me as I'm leaving a bakery.... "Excuse Miss, I think you are so pretty... No kidding I think you really are Pretty" It's so flattering to hear ...
  • Cosmo
    3.40pm, August 28th
    I've always loved Cosmo; I've even been known to buy the UK edition now and then.  However, last May, the 28th to be exact, I got married :) and then in December I fell pregnant and sometime this week (fingers crossed) I will welcome my son into the world and take the one way street ...
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