Alanah Pickup

Junior Fashion Editor

Alanah Pickup

Alanah has worked in magazines since she was 18 years old and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She’s a magazine addict so having to move stacks and stacks of magazines from rental property to rental property is really tiring (well, for the removalists and her boyfriend), but so necessary. When she’s not at work or thinking about work, you will usually find her at Bar Reggio and Gelato Messina with her besties or at home watching 'Seinfeld'. Besides a full-on obsession with clothes, Alanah also has an unhealthy obsession with her pet dog Jerry (named after Jerry Seinfeld, obviously). When she isn’t watching his name sake on TV they’ll be running in the park or getting some breakfast together, sometimes her boyfriend (Jerry’s “dad”) will be invited too. If you’re a regular Cosmo reader, you’ll know Alanah is a tomboy at heart and lives in pants and shorts. Clothes in her house are colour co-ordinated and she’s mostly seen in a basic tee – white, grey, black and stripy are the essentials.

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