Review: I Give It a Year

5:22AM, Jan 17, 2013
Our sneak peek at the new British rom-com.

Last night Yeong and I were lucky enough to be at the world premiere of new British rom-com I Give It A Year. The Sydney Events Cinema was made wedding appropriate with white hangings, beautiful bouquets and a pink carpet walked on by the movie’s star Rose Byrne.

Aussie lady Byrne looked gorgeous in her maroon Jill Stuart ensemble and her quick introduction speech let us know firstly, that she couldn’t walk in her heels, and secondly, that she was very happy to have the movie launched in her hometown with her family there to see it.

Hopscotch did a good job getting the premiere Down Under considering it's the sibling of Bridget Jones and Love Actually (via mutual producers) and therefore a very British film. Unfortunately, while very sweet and funny, it’s not as good as Bridget or Love Actually. It falls short because both male leads aren’t particularly lovable and on the whole it doesn’t take advantage of how amazingly funny both Rose Byrne and Anna Faris can be. However Anna does portray the most hilarious threesome, and Rose has the best line in the film (which I won’t reveal cause it’s a spoiler), and if you’ve never seen Stephen Merchant in Extras, you’re in for a treat. It’s out Feburary 28th.


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