4:52AM, Jan 17, 2013
Is #boxgap the new #thinspiration?

Something is happening on Instagram. And no, I’m not talking about #fitspo. I’m talking about The Box Gap. And when you hashtag it, you’ll find over 30,944 photos dedicated to it, namely posted by women. Much like the side-boob, the box gap is hawt because it’s a part of a woman’s body that, in the past, hasn’t got much attention and well, who doesn’t enjoy a fresh take on the female anatomy? That said, having a gap between the top of your legs IS NOT realistic. Women’s legs just aren’t shaped that way naturally. Sorry to disappoint you, but they’re not.  

So who’s posting these images?

Is it men or women? Are girls posting selfies of their own? Or are they posting pics of models who they aspire to be like because well der, they’re pretty and have a #boxgap? 

Well… there’s the obvious VS shots of Lily, Alessandra and Erin, a large portion of selfie love by sports models and models-who-are-models-because-their-Instagram-bio-says-so, plus regular chicks like you and me, glorifying its very existence by reposting such images. Throw in a few more hashtags (#dreambody #makeitcount #cleaneating anyone?) and you’ve got your typical #BoxGap enthusiast. 

Unfortunately though, there’s a thin line between Candice Swanepoel and too skinny. And it’s a pretty unsettling feeling when you see thousands of images posted by young women who seek (from an outsider’s point of view) nothing more than to achieve a box gap in life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for treating your body like a temple, and have even been known to “eat (relatively) clean” for a day or two (until someone mentions Ben & Jerry’s) but seriously, does anyone else feel like screaming, “NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR GREEN SMOOTHIE AND THAT YOU WANT A BOX GAP! PLEASE, YOU’RE GREAT JUST AS YOU ARE, SO STOP SCREEN-SHOTING PICS OF GIRLS YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE AND GET A FRIGGIN’ LIFE!”

Just me? Oh well, at least I got that out.




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