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  • Your face is about to get amazing
    12:11PM, Mar 27 Alexandra Whiting

    Any makeup junkie worth her Touché Éclat knows to ask any friend, relative or random acquaintance (desperate measures) going to the US to grab you an Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette (or three, and maybe a few primers). For those new to the brand, think of it as the cult status of their Naked2 Palette ain’t for nothing, and for the first is available on home soil! Mecca is stocking the brand in stores and through their website. And if you’ve been watching this countdown for the last month:


    You’ll know today is the day!!! Stock is on the shelves. Urban Decay Creative Director Wende Zomnir came to Australia to launch the brand and I got to speak with her.


    Urban Decay started with an idea from a woman named Sandy Lerner, who met Zomnir met through a mutual friend. Zomnir is from Texas, "So you could say I was born with makeup on. We decided we were going to launch this crazy makeup line in a time (the mid-nineties) when the prestige cosmetic departments only seemed to stock pink, beige and red. There was nothing different of quality, so that’s what we wanted to bring to the market."

    They launched the line with 10 lipsticks and twelve nail polishes - all variations of black. "The lipsticks were really weird too," says Zomnir. Despite the weird factor, they managed to get the line into fairly conservative US retailer Nordstrom. "Everyone was like, 'what's up with that?!'"

    It was slow starting. "The brands in the department stores all had their own people, we couldn’t afford that then. I’d do my own ‘mystery shops’ and go into Nordstrom ask, 'Do you know where I find that Gash nail polish?’ and the sales assistant would always say something like, 'Let me show you this beautiful Chanel red instead.’ It was really frustrating and it wasn’t until Sephora came along that any of the indie makeup brands got a platform to become successful."

    Of legendary status of the Naked Palette, Zomnir says, "It’s the gateway drug into Urban Decay. People start with that, then they find out about the pencils (which actually stay put until you break out the remover), so then they get the remover, next thing the whole bathroom is filled with Urban Decay." There are currently three palettes, “For the first, myself and two of my team decided to each bring four basic shadow colours we couldn’t live without. We pulled from old lines, different brands – everywhere. We were going to narrow it to just four colours but then we were like, why limit ourselves!” The result is the ultimate bronzey/nude palette. Naked2 was made for the girl who wants more taupe/grey tones and Naked3, "That was actually inspired by this photographer boyfriend I had that used to make me go with him to the beach so he could take pictures of me at sunset." Hence it’s a little golden and rosey – like a sunset.

    Zomnir’s person favourites? "I love the Perversion Mascara, we worked on that forever. My favourite shade in the lipstick is Jilted and I love the Eye Shadow Primer Potion just because it really makes everything stay."

    So there's your shopping list! Go forth and look amazing!

  • Makeup game changer
    12:14PM, Mar 26 Leigh Campbell

    This week, L’Oreal Paris unveiled their incredible new app, Makeup Genius.

    Free to download, the app takes a picture of your face, and then applies a number of makeup looks (or any product from the entire L’Oreal Paris range) to your complexion. But it’s not in the form of a stagnant photo; you can move, blink, pout and smile in the reverse camera, all while wearing the makeup. Looking into the phone it’s hard to believe that the colours aren’t actually on your face, but are simulated. It’s an incredibly clever way to trail winged liner, or a bold lip without having to put the makeup on your face, or even purchase it.

    Soon we will be able to see Megan Gale, or Eva Longoria sport a makeup look on the red carpet, and the try the exact same look on our own mugs just minutes later. Pretty impressive, huh?


    I wasn’t wearing an eye or lip products IRL.

    I had a chat to L’Oreal spokesmen Barbara Palvin this week while she was in Sydney to launch the technology.

    How do you think women will respond to the new Makeup genius app?

    “I think that they’re going to love it. I responded with ‘oh my god!’ Because it is very useful; you can try new makeup without buying it first. It’s also great for photo shoots, we can try looks on first.”

    What’s your favourite look from the app?

    “The Maximal Eyes, and also a nice red lipstick.”

    What are your favourite L’Oreal Paris products to use IRL?

    “I love to use Elvive for the hair, and extra argan oil. Miss Manga for the lashes. And a nice Colour Riche for the lips.”

    What’s the best makeup trick or tip that you’ve learnt on a shoot?

    “I learned everything from the business because I started modelling very young. The most useful one is the blush. I think when you do a duck face, your true cheek bones come out.”

  • The day Kayla Itsines came to Cosmo HQ
    6:14AM, Feb 25 Rebecca Sloan

    A little while ago I wrote a blog about Kayla Itsines (pronounced It-seen-es). I have a really strong policy of only ever promoting something I genuinely believe is incredible and that I’d spend my own hard-earned cash on. I felt all that and so much more about Kayla and her guides, so I wanted to spread the word.

    A few days after posting it I got an email from Kayla saying she loved the blog post and she was keen to come to Sydney to spend the day with the Cosmo crew. Wait, whaaaat?

    Before I knew it, Kayla was in our office foyer and I was meeting her in person! After spending six hours with her, I can safely say she is down-to-earth, friendly and actually kind of hilarious (and her abs are insane) – and I respect her even more now.


    Totally not staring at Kayla right now.

    We did a bunch of fun filming for Cosmo TV (stay tuned for that) then went for burgers at one of Kayla’s fave Sydney food spots, The Grounds in Alexandria. Yes, you heard right – Kayla Itsines eats burgers. I swear, I’ve never seen someone eat a burger faster.

    Then she asked me to be her BFF! That part may not be true. But we did talk about her worldwide bootcamp tour that’s coming up... and how, amazingly, they are FREE.

    I asked her why she does it for nothing when people would pay big bucks to come along? It’s clearly something she’s been questioned about before. “People say to me, ‘Why don’t you charge at least $5 for it?’ But I’m like, ‘I’m not charging them anything – that’s not what I’m about,” she tells me.

    Check out the rest of our chat about food, fitness and what it’s like to be Kayla Itsines…

    What’s the first thing you posted on Instagram?
    My dog… a photo of my Nikes… [laughs]. At the time I didn’t know anything about Instagram and I had no followers! Then I started uploading transformations from my bootcamp clients and that's when things changed.

    What was the moment you knew it was taking off?
    I was on my way to buy sports clothes when my phone started beeping and I was like, “What the hell is going on?” One of the big pages on Instagram had reposted one of my transformations. From there it went up quite quickly. People were really getting into plyometric training, jump training, which is what I specialise in. I'd found a niche!

    You share a lot of stuff on Instagram. Are you conscious of not sharing too much?
    Yes. I get bullied enough. People say stuff about my dogs, like, “How dare you have dogs in Australia that are huskies!” I wouldn’t want anyone saying anything bad about my sister, my mum, my dad… I wouldn’t want anyone I know to feel insecure or upset or pressured. But I don’t have anything to hide.

    What are some of the drawbacks of having so many people watching?
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but the more followers you get the more people think, “She has a thick skin” or “She’s not real”. People think that you get it all the time, so they can throw whatever they want at you and it’s fine. But I read all my comments. If I did something wrong then fair enough, come at me. But I didn’t do anything wrong and it makes me want to give up. But it’s what they want – they want you to give up.

    How much of your day is spent on Instagram?
    A good portion of the day! [Laughs] You know why? Because I manage my own Instagram account. I don’t have someone who posts photos for me. Everyone’s like, “Why do you take photos in front of a mirror?” Because I don’t have a camera crew following me around! I do it myself and I monitor my own comments.

    I actually thought someone else would do it!
    Nope, it’s me!


    A Kayla mirror selfie.

    How much time a day do you spend working out?
    Same as my guide, 28 minutes. There’s no way I’m going to work out for two hours but tell you to only work out for 28 minutes, that’s not fair. I follow exactly what my guide says.

    You work out sometimes with your boyfriend Tobi – does he do “Kayla”?
    Nope! Tobi’s a bodybuilder, so he does the really heavy weights. He’ll be doing squats with 200 kilos on his back and I’ll be next to him doing jump squats. I do the Kayla version of what he’s doing.

    What are five things that are always in your shopping trolley?
    Rye bread, eggs, mangoes, fruit, tea bags. I mix green tea and peppermint tea together and it’s the best.

    What are five things you do before 9am?
    I get up at 5 every morning and I do everything before 9am! I shower, teach bootcamp, do the laundry, go to the shops, come home and it’s 9am. Then I have to go to the office to see my team!

    Do you have a bedtime ritual?
    I won’t fall asleep unless I stretch on the foam roll, shower and wash my hair every single day. I feel gross otherwise.


    Do people recognise you when you’re out?
    I get it more in Sydney and Melbourne, but in my area in Adelaide, it’s so small, people are like, “Oh it’s just Kayla.” They’re used to it.

    What else is next?
    I can't give too many details away, but there's a lot more Kayla branded stuff coming – lots!

    For more fitness stuff, follow Bec on Instagram @bectobasics and check here each week for her blog. 

  • How a normal girl got major abs
    5:05AM, Feb 4 Rebecca Sloan

    This week I was lucky enough to interview 24-year-old Natalie Butterfield. For those who follow her on Instagram you’ll know her as @0403natalie. She’s a Kayla Itsines veteran, having completed BOTH her guides (that’s a lot of burpees) and is still going strong nearly a year later. Want proof? Check out those abs!

    Would you call that an 8-pack?! Anyway, she’s gained a cult following in her own right (more than 100k and counting!) and has just become a qualified specialist in sports nutrition. Yay Nat!

    In between sit-ups, we chatted about everything from the weird questions she’s asked to why she’s sworn off Milo and what Kayla’s REALLY like.

    You went to one of Kayla’s bootcamps in Sydney a few months ago, right?

    Yeah, it was really exciting. It was so hectic training with her, it’s so much harder! You can’t stop, you have to do the whole thing because she’s right there!

    What was it like to meet her?

    She’s a bit different to what I expected. You know how the stereotype of PTs is really loud and in your face? She’s not really like that. She was cool, easy to speak to and just kind of normal.


    Natalie with Kayla Itsines at her live bootcamp in Sydney last year.

    How did you discover Kayla’s guides in the first place?

    I was feeling really tired and a bit gross when I came across her transformations on Instagram and I was like, “Oh my god, I wanna be that girl.”

    You’ve become an inspiration to a lot of others. Was that your intention?

    When I first started posting on Instagram it was a motivational tool for myself to keep me going. Then when people started asking me questions, I wanted to help them keep going.

    You’re up to more than 100,000 followers, which is so incredible! Does it ever get overwhelming?

    At first it did because I had so many people asking questions. I felt bad if I didn’t answer and some people were really rude. Now I manage it a bit better. My notifications are always turned off so I’ll sit on the lounge for like half an hour watching TV and write back then put my phone away.

    What’s the weirdest question people have asked you?

    If my tan is real! I have Greek and Maltese heritage so it’s just olive skin. I can be outside for five minutes and I’ll go so dark.


    Your abs are insane! Do you only do Kayla’s guides?

    Yes, I just follow them exactly! People are always like, “But what else do you do?” I think the key is definitely food. If you don’t eat well, you’re not going to get results. You can’t out-train a bad diet.


    A sample food diary from Natalie's Instagram.

    You take protein powder – can you tell me about that?

    I take it once a day within half an hour after working out. It’s meant to help your muscles recover. It’s not totally necessary – you could have any type of protein instead, like chicken, but it’s just easier for me.


    A protein shake after working out.

    What are your thoughts on “cheat meals”?

    I’d rather eat a bit of something when I feel like it rather than stuffing myself for 45 minutes once a week and feeling sick. If you feel like having chips, have some, just not the whole packet.  

    How do you treat yourself?

    I make protein balls sometimes, but everything I used to have as treats tastes really different. I had a spoonful of Milo the other day and it tasted really gross. I can’t eat it anymore! Fruit tastes really good to me now!


    Obviously you’re not on Instagram all day, you have a day job as well right?

    Yeah, I’m a pre-school teacher. I usually do 7am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, and I’ve been doing bar work on Friday and Saturday nights, 6pm until 3.30am.

    Wow, you’re busy! Do you wake up early to exercise?

    Yeah, I usually get up at 5.30am and do it before work.

    Do you do it at home?

    Yep, I hate gyms. I do it at home in my bedroom or outside. I bought dumbbells from Kmart – they have everything and it’s pretty cheap.

    You’ve just finished your nutrition course, haven’t you?

    Yes, I’m now a specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I had no interest in nutrition before I started Kayla! I’m thinking about doing personalised meal plans. No more bar work!

    Do you have a wedding coming up as well?

    Yes, in November!


    Natalie's fiancé Dominic is her biggest fan. Cute!  

    What does your fiancé think of you doing it? Is he like, “My fiancée is a babe”?

    [Laughs] He’s supportive but he doesn’t really talk to me much about it now. Every time I go out, all people want to talk to me about is Instagram and it’s like, ask me about how my day was – I have other things in my life! He does think it’s good though.

    Are you going to wear a midriff wedding dress so you can show off those abs on the big day?

    [laughs] No!

    [laughs] Kidding. Thanks for the chat Nat!

    For more fitness stuff, follow Bec on Instagram @bectobasics and check here each week for her blog on #thekaylamovement.

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  • Want to be a makeup superstar?
    1:15PM, Jan 28 Leigh Campbell

    Amazing opportunity alert! I repeat; AMAZING OPPORTUNITY ALERT. I’m actually kind of devastated that I’ve already found my dream job, because what’s on offer is my second dream job.

    How to hide a pimple (without it looking like cake batter).

    L’Oreal Paris is holding a global makeup artist contest! It is open to professional artists, amateur makeup enthusiasts, vloggers, bloggers; anyone who loves makeup (and is decent at applying it), basically. The global winner gets to go to Canne Film Festival (!!), as well as a one year contract with L’Oreal Paris (which boats a darn good salary), and the opportunity to make up the faces of Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes or Barbara Palvin. NO BIGGIE.

    The only 3 makeup looks you'll ever need.

    All you have to do is post money, chocolates and flowers to Leigh Campbell to be in the running to win.

    Okay, that’s a lie. National recruiting kicks off with contestants (that’d be you guys) uploading a video to YouTube (keep it under three minutes, please) revealing a full make-up look inspired by the theme “Colour Clash”.  Viewers will then vote on their top 50, after which a local panel will narrow it down to five for each country. The Aussie panel boats Chloe Morello. Not bad, huh?

    Genius hacks for fixing makeup mistakes. is the website to head to for all the full details. If I were you I’d grab your sister and start whacking makeup on her right this minute. Go on, get practicing!

    (Still feel free to send me treats!)

    Roadtesting Kylie Jenner's hair extensions.

  • 7 of my Kayla Itsines secrets
    4:20AM, Jan 23 Rebecca Sloan

    Hi friends!

    For those who haven’t been reading my blog for the past couple of weeks (that will certainly be none of you right?!), I’m writing about my fave fit babe Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) and joining in with #thekaylamovement.

    If you're not doing it already, I highly recommend joining in. Where else will you get millions of other girls cheering you on? NOWHERE.

    Let's talk about Kayla Itsines. And maybe her abs a little bit.

    This is a pic of me after 12 weeks of Kayla’s torture *cough*... I mean exercise guide.


    Reading what others have done to get through it really helped me in the beginning (and still now!), so I thought I’d answer some questions from you guys (and I MAAAAY have added in a few sneaky questions of my own… hehe).

    When you first started were you like, WTF how do I do this?

    YEAH, I was all like...


    I didn’t know how to do a burpee, I didn’t know what half the moves were, but I watched a LOT of Instagram videos in bed when I was meant to be sleeping. This hashtag is good for that: #kaylaitsinesvideos

    Let's talk about gym fears.

    You complete each set of four moves for the amount of reps specified as many times as you can in seven minutes. Then you do the same for the other set of four moves.... and go back to the first moves and REPEAT. Ha, it doesn't even make sense when I explain it!! 

    It's just practise, guys! I was such a rookie, but eventually worked it out, and now it feels like second nature. It also helps to read the comments on other people's Instagram who have already completed it!

    4 common yoga poses you're doing wrong.

    Do you drink magic motivation stuff?

    Nope, I just always remember…


    I set my alarm for 5.40am and make it LOUD so I jump out of my skin when it goes off and I can’t sleep through it!! haha.

    Do you skip workouts?

    Only if I’m properly sick.


    If I'm tired and can't be bothered, I say to myself, "OK, just do seven minutes and if you're still not feeling it you can stop." A few times I've done this and DID decide to stop after seven or 14 minutes because I'm ACTUALLY run-down, but most of the time once I get to that point I'm so pumped that I end up continuing and it's an awesome workout. You'll never regret doing a workout but you WILL regret not doing it.

    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time.

    I don’t own my own dumbbells . Am I out of the Kayla club?

    Yes, BANISHED. Ha, nah you’ll just have to be like Bear Grylls and IMPROVISE.


    It does help to buy a basic set of equipment (and is so worth the investment) but you can do the workouts at home without a whole gym set-up. For weights, you can fill up old 3L milk bottles with water and for steps use old kitchen chairs, a blanket box, your steps outside your house - so many options! I usually do mine at the gym but I actually love doing it at home sometimes because I have a box I use that's a lot higher than the one at the gym - it really makes me feel the BURN!!

    Changing the face of fitspo: These ladies prove you don't have to look fit to exercise.

    Could you identify Kayla Itsines’ abs in a line-up?

    Yes, YES I COULD. Oh, we’re doing this? OK…

    Not Kayla…


    WHOOPS, how did that get in there?!!


    BINGO!! Umm Kayla, maybe do some extra sit-ups or something. You're really lacking in tone. Jokes, love you KI.


    Do you follow Kayla’s food guide?

    Sort of… I use her food eBook as a guide to the amount of carbs, protein, veg and fruit to eat in a day and make up my own meals. Yes, I eat carbs. A lot!! I think the biggest mistake girls make is to eat a lot less and think it will help them lose weight. Sooo wrong!! Your body will freak out and end up going into starvation mode thinking it won't get a regular supply of fuel. You need to reassure your body that it can keep burning that fuel up by giving it regular, adequate meals (every 3 hours).

    Science says doing just a single minute of exercise will improve your health.


    What exactly do you eat in a day?

    This is a typical day for me!

    6am, morning snack: Two buttermilk pancakes with almond butter.

    Go to the gym and do my workout.

    8am: Skim flat white coffee.

    8.30am, breakfast at work: Porridge with water and milk, topped with berries.

    12 noon, lunch: Chicken, roasted veggies (pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, normal potato) and fresh green beans.

    3pm, afternoon snack: Greek yoghurt with half a mango (or some sort of fruit).

    3.30pm: Green tea.

    7.30pm, dinner: This is the one meal that I mix up the most, but my faves are steak and veggies or healthy nachos (made with mixed beans and fresh guac, etc).

    8.30pm: Peppermint tea.

    I might have a little bit of dark choccy at some point too!

    7 exercises for the sexiest legs ever...

    How much do you like Kayla Itsines?

    This much.


    Kidding. More like this.



    Soz Kayla, bit weird?

    Until next week, happy burpees!

    @bectobasics xx

    11 quick moves for an insanely sexy back and arms.

  • Let’s talk about gym fears
    3:55AM, Jan 15 Rebecca Sloan

    Hey everyone!

    So, last week I blogged about how much I adore Kayla Itsines. I like to think of her as the Oprah of the fitness world.

    Lol, too far?

    Changing the face of fitspo: These ladies prove you don't have to look fit to exercise.

    Weeeell, she owns really cute dogs and is doing life-changing stuff for the world, so… close enough.

    Pity about those abs though.

    Just kidding. Hi Kayla, call me babe!


    Anyway, this week I wanted to talk about GYM FEARS.

    It’s something I struggled with when I first started doing Kayla’s workouts and I’m wondering if anyone else is too?

    Even the thought of walking into the weights area and grabbing some dumbbells or a medicine ball made me nervous.  

    When it came to doing the circuits in the gym, I felt SO self-conscious. Like, I would see everyone else doing a one-minute plank or a few sit-ups, and the thought of doing some serious sweating and burpees felt like I would be making a scene.

    The way I tackled it was to think, “Look, I’ll do it today and if everyone stares at me I just won’t do it again.”

    So I did it, and no one even gave me a second glance. I think they were too busy looking at their own biceps, to be honest. But then it was ten times easier to do it the next day… then the next week. And as the workouts got more scary (like at the end you have to jump up onto TWO stair things at once – trust me, you don’t blend into the crowd doing this) I just had the same mindset: Do it this one time, and if it’s a terrible experience just don’t do it again. But it was fine!

    The main thing was I had to let go of my fear of other people’s opinions and step outside my comfort zone. The most exciting things in life happen outside your comfort zone.

    If you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll continue getting the same results.

    If you do something different, you'll get different results - and probably BETTER ONES. Go figure.

    Sorry, I’m getting a bit “life-coachy” on yo’ arse now. But really, go for it and don’t worry about what anyone else things.

    Taylor doesn’t care!

    7 exercises for the sexiest legs ever...


    Now for those following @kayla_itsines, let me know if you relate to this:

    9 signs you’re a tiny bit obsessed with Kayla Itsines…

    1. When she posts a pic of fruit you’re all like, FRUIT, oh my god I love fruit. #soulsisters


    2. She talks about how much she LOVES cleaning and then you’re like…


    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time.

    3. When your friend says, "Kayla who?" You’re all like NO. Just no.



    4. When she posts a selfie, you secretly try to imagine what her house looks like… “So she has grey carpet in her bedroom… and grass in her backyard. Interesting.”


    5. She posts a motivational caption and then you’re like, double FREAKING tap.


    6. You know she has a boyfriend called Tobi and that he was expelled from high-school and he’s played the piano from the age of four and he has muscles and is basically a genius and... Anything else you want to know?


    7. When someone is being a bully in the comments and Kayla calls them out on it like the bad-arse she is, you start to tear up a little.


    8. You’re STILL trying to foam roll even though you look totally unco and your boyfriend laughed at you. But WHATEVER, Kayla wouldn’t laugh at me.  


    9. If Kayla ever liked one of your pics you’d be way too happy. #lifegoals


    No? Just me?

    Until next week, follow me on Instagram @bectobasics and let me know how you’re going.

    P.S. You guys, my wedding dress arrived this week! Weeeeeee!! #bridezilla

  • Let's talk about Kayla Itsines
    3:15AM, Jan 8 Rebecca Sloan

    If you don’t know who the eff Kayla Itsines is, you must have been living under a rock - or aren’t one of the suckers in my life who has to listen to me bang on and on about her ALL THE TIME (sorry friends).

    Anyway, she’s a qualified trainer from Adelaide who studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness... Oh, and she has a tiny 1.8 million Instagram followers (@kayla_itsines). Whatevs. When are you going to be successful already, Kayla?

    7 moves for sexy legs.

    Why am I obsessed with her? Well you see, I have a wedding coming up and like every good bridezilla I figure I need to be the hottest anyone has ever been ever in existence on that day. Logical, I know.

    So when I came across her on Instagram, it was like she was a guardian angel sent from Nike. She's her own best advertisement (those abs, though). But as an office worker it appeals to me that her workouts are only 28 minutes three times a week - and I can still eat carbs. Hallelujah. SO I bought BOTH her eBooks on the spot.

    Just as a disclaimer, I’m not one to jump into fitness fads or go on diets. I’m also very wary of “before and after” pics as they have been known to sometimes be fake and/or used in misleading ways by dodgy companies.

    4 common yoga poses you're doing wrong.

    But my instincts tell me Kayla’s workout plans are incredibly healthy and the pics Kayla regrams of her clients are positive and motivating for young women to change their lives long-term. I love her focus on strength, confidence and health.

    Fast forward 12 weeks and I DID IT. Holy Batman, it was hard but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. And I will keep doing it long after my wedding. Forever. It's that good.

    The part where I posted my before-and-after pics (they’re on my Instagram @bectobasics) was mother f*cking scary. But I got lots of clapping emojis, so all good.

    Then I started it all over again cos I’m crazy like that. For everyone else joining in #thekaylamovement, you might relate to this.

    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time. 

    The 10 thoughts that crossed my mind in the first week of workouts (when I wasn’t in the fetal position crying)...

    1. I'm taking the most unsexy selfie right now

    If anyone ever finds these “before” shots in my phone… they will not live to tell the tale.


    2. I don’t know how to do it?

    Wait, so I do each bunch of moves for seven minutes? Twice? In what order? What’s a medicine ball? *Brain explodes.*


    Science says doing one minute of exercise is enough to improve your health. 

     3. Learning is good

    *Watches 10 million fitness videos on Instagram* So mountain climbers are meant to be like running with your hands on the ground? WHOA.


    4. Sooo unfit

    Can’t. Breathe. I’ll just have a… little…. break… now…. to… catch… my… breath.  


    10 pre-gym habits that are ruining your workout before you even start. 

    5. Don’t throw up, don’t throw up

    Whoever invented burpees is EVIL. Kayla is evil. I would cry but you wouldn’t notice it through the WATERFALL OF SWEAT DRIPPING ALL OVER THE MAT.


    Celebrity fitness wardrobes: Because you CAN look good while you sweat.

    6. Tired. So tired.

    Thank eff that’s finished. I might just lie here for a few minutes… I’m meditating. Really.


    11 quick moves for an insanely sexy back and arms.

    7. Then the next day…OUCH

    Standing hurts. Sitting hurts. My legs are broken. I literally need those handles in disabled bathrooms to get onto the toilet.


     8. Is it working yet?

    I’ve been doing the workouts for three days. When do I get the abs?


    9. What is foam rolling?

    I don’t know what it is, but Kayla posed with a foam roller so I must need one. Ordering now…


    10. Is it over yet?

    You mean to tell me that was just ONE WEEK? I can’t do this, I won’t do this. *Goes and looks at Kayla’s abs for half an hour * OK, let’s do this. *Posts a motivational quote on Instagram.*


    What do you think of Kayla's workouts? Tell me in the comments. WOO.

    Follow Bec's fitness blog and track her progress every week at

    7 winning treadmill tricks that will improve your running.

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