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  • Want to be a makeup superstar?
    1:15PM, Jan 28 Leigh Campbell

    Amazing opportunity alert! I repeat; AMAZING OPPORTUNITY ALERT. I’m actually kind of devastated that I’ve already found my dream job, because what’s on offer is my second dream job.

    How to hide a pimple (without it looking like cake batter).

    L’Oreal Paris is holding a global makeup artist contest! It is open to professional artists, amateur makeup enthusiasts, vloggers, bloggers; anyone who loves makeup (and is decent at applying it), basically. The global winner gets to go to Canne Film Festival (!!), as well as a one year contract with L’Oreal Paris (which boats a darn good salary), and the opportunity to make up the faces of Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes or Barbara Palvin. NO BIGGIE.

    The only 3 makeup looks you'll ever need.

    All you have to do is post money, chocolates and flowers to Leigh Campbell to be in the running to win.

    Okay, that’s a lie. National recruiting kicks off with contestants (that’d be you guys) uploading a video to YouTube (keep it under three minutes, please) revealing a full make-up look inspired by the theme “Colour Clash”.  Viewers will then vote on their top 50, after which a local panel will narrow it down to five for each country. The Aussie panel boats Chloe Morello. Not bad, huh?

    Genius hacks for fixing makeup mistakes. is the website to head to for all the full details. If I were you I’d grab your sister and start whacking makeup on her right this minute. Go on, get practicing!

    (Still feel free to send me treats!)

    Roadtesting Kylie Jenner's hair extensions.

  • 7 of my Kayla Itsines secrets
    4:20AM, Jan 23 Rebecca Sloan

    Hi friends!

    For those who haven’t been reading my blog for the past couple of weeks (that will certainly be none of you right?!), I’m writing about my fave fit babe Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) and joining in with #thekaylamovement.

    If you're not doing it already, I highly recommend joining in. Where else will you get millions of other girls cheering you on? NOWHERE.

    Let's talk about Kayla Itsines. And maybe her abs a little bit.

    This is a pic of me after 12 weeks of Kayla’s torture *cough*... I mean exercise guide.


    Reading what others have done to get through it really helped me in the beginning (and still now!), so I thought I’d answer some questions from you guys (and I MAAAAY have added in a few sneaky questions of my own… hehe).

    When you first started were you like, WTF how do I do this?

    YEAH, I was all like...


    I didn’t know how to do a burpee, I didn’t know what half the moves were, but I watched a LOT of Instagram videos in bed when I was meant to be sleeping. This hashtag is good for that: #kaylaitsinesvideos

    Let's talk about gym fears.

    You complete each set of four moves for the amount of reps specified as many times as you can in seven minutes. Then you do the same for the other set of four moves.... and go back to the first moves and REPEAT. Ha, it doesn't even make sense when I explain it!! 

    It's just practise, guys! I was such a rookie, but eventually worked it out, and now it feels like second nature. It also helps to read the comments on other people's Instagram who have already completed it!

    4 common yoga poses you're doing wrong.

    Do you drink magic motivation stuff?

    Nope, I just always remember…


    I set my alarm for 5.40am and make it LOUD so I jump out of my skin when it goes off and I can’t sleep through it!! haha.

    Do you skip workouts?

    Only if I’m properly sick.


    If I'm tired and can't be bothered, I say to myself, "OK, just do seven minutes and if you're still not feeling it you can stop." A few times I've done this and DID decide to stop after seven or 14 minutes because I'm ACTUALLY run-down, but most of the time once I get to that point I'm so pumped that I end up continuing and it's an awesome workout. You'll never regret doing a workout but you WILL regret not doing it.

    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time.

    I don’t own my own dumbbells . Am I out of the Kayla club?

    Yes, BANISHED. Ha, nah you’ll just have to be like Bear Grylls and IMPROVISE.


    It does help to buy a basic set of equipment (and is so worth the investment) but you can do the workouts at home without a whole gym set-up. For weights, you can fill up old 3L milk bottles with water and for steps use old kitchen chairs, a blanket box, your steps outside your house - so many options! I usually do mine at the gym but I actually love doing it at home sometimes because I have a box I use that's a lot higher than the one at the gym - it really makes me feel the BURN!!

    Changing the face of fitspo: These ladies prove you don't have to look fit to exercise.

    Could you identify Kayla Itsines’ abs in a line-up?

    Yes, YES I COULD. Oh, we’re doing this? OK…

    Not Kayla…


    WHOOPS, how did that get in there?!!


    BINGO!! Umm Kayla, maybe do some extra sit-ups or something. You're really lacking in tone. Jokes, love you KI.


    Do you follow Kayla’s food guide?

    Sort of… I use her food eBook as a guide to the amount of carbs, protein, veg and fruit to eat in a day and make up my own meals. Yes, I eat carbs. A lot!! I think the biggest mistake girls make is to eat a lot less and think it will help them lose weight. Sooo wrong!! Your body will freak out and end up going into starvation mode thinking it won't get a regular supply of fuel. You need to reassure your body that it can keep burning that fuel up by giving it regular, adequate meals (every 3 hours).

    Science says doing just a single minute of exercise will improve your health.


    What exactly do you eat in a day?

    This is a typical day for me!

    6am, morning snack: Two buttermilk pancakes with almond butter.

    Go to the gym and do my workout.

    8am: Skim flat white coffee.

    8.30am, breakfast at work: Porridge with water and milk, topped with berries.

    12 noon, lunch: Chicken, roasted veggies (pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, normal potato) and fresh green beans.

    3pm, afternoon snack: Greek yoghurt with half a mango (or some sort of fruit).

    3.30pm: Green tea.

    7.30pm, dinner: This is the one meal that I mix up the most, but my faves are steak and veggies or healthy nachos (made with mixed beans and fresh guac, etc).

    8.30pm: Peppermint tea.

    I might have a little bit of dark choccy at some point too!

    7 exercises for the sexiest legs ever...

    How much do you like Kayla Itsines?

    This much.


    Kidding. More like this.



    Soz Kayla, bit weird?

    Until next week, happy burpees!

    @bectobasics xx

    11 quick moves for an insanely sexy back and arms.

  • Let’s talk about gym fears
    3:55AM, Jan 15 Rebecca Sloan

    Hey everyone!

    So, last week I blogged about how much I adore Kayla Itsines. I like to think of her as the Oprah of the fitness world.

    Lol, too far?

    Changing the face of fitspo: These ladies prove you don't have to look fit to exercise.

    Weeeell, she owns really cute dogs and is doing life-changing stuff for the world, so… close enough.

    Pity about those abs though.

    Just kidding. Hi Kayla, call me babe!


    Anyway, this week I wanted to talk about GYM FEARS.

    It’s something I struggled with when I first started doing Kayla’s workouts and I’m wondering if anyone else is too?

    Even the thought of walking into the weights area and grabbing some dumbbells or a medicine ball made me nervous.  

    When it came to doing the circuits in the gym, I felt SO self-conscious. Like, I would see everyone else doing a one-minute plank or a few sit-ups, and the thought of doing some serious sweating and burpees felt like I would be making a scene.

    The way I tackled it was to think, “Look, I’ll do it today and if everyone stares at me I just won’t do it again.”

    So I did it, and no one even gave me a second glance. I think they were too busy looking at their own biceps, to be honest. But then it was ten times easier to do it the next day… then the next week. And as the workouts got more scary (like at the end you have to jump up onto TWO stair things at once – trust me, you don’t blend into the crowd doing this) I just had the same mindset: Do it this one time, and if it’s a terrible experience just don’t do it again. But it was fine!

    The main thing was I had to let go of my fear of other people’s opinions and step outside my comfort zone. The most exciting things in life happen outside your comfort zone.

    If you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll continue getting the same results.

    If you do something different, you'll get different results - and probably BETTER ONES. Go figure.

    Sorry, I’m getting a bit “life-coachy” on yo’ arse now. But really, go for it and don’t worry about what anyone else things.

    Taylor doesn’t care!

    7 exercises for the sexiest legs ever...


    Now for those following @kayla_itsines, let me know if you relate to this:

    9 signs you’re a tiny bit obsessed with Kayla Itsines…

    1. When she posts a pic of fruit you’re all like, FRUIT, oh my god I love fruit. #soulsisters


    2. She talks about how much she LOVES cleaning and then you’re like…


    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time.

    3. When your friend says, "Kayla who?" You’re all like NO. Just no.



    4. When she posts a selfie, you secretly try to imagine what her house looks like… “So she has grey carpet in her bedroom… and grass in her backyard. Interesting.”


    5. She posts a motivational caption and then you’re like, double FREAKING tap.


    6. You know she has a boyfriend called Tobi and that he was expelled from high-school and he’s played the piano from the age of four and he has muscles and is basically a genius and... Anything else you want to know?


    7. When someone is being a bully in the comments and Kayla calls them out on it like the bad-arse she is, you start to tear up a little.


    8. You’re STILL trying to foam roll even though you look totally unco and your boyfriend laughed at you. But WHATEVER, Kayla wouldn’t laugh at me.  


    9. If Kayla ever liked one of your pics you’d be way too happy. #lifegoals


    No? Just me?

    Until next week, follow me on Instagram @bectobasics and let me know how you’re going.

    P.S. You guys, my wedding dress arrived this week! Weeeeeee!! #bridezilla

  • Let's talk about Kayla Itsines
    3:15AM, Jan 8 Rebecca Sloan

    If you don’t know who the eff Kayla Itsines is, you must have been living under a rock - or aren’t one of the suckers in my life who has to listen to me bang on and on about her ALL THE TIME (sorry friends).

    Anyway, she’s a qualified trainer from Adelaide who studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness... Oh, and she has a tiny 1.8 million Instagram followers (@kayla_itsines). Whatevs. When are you going to be successful already, Kayla?

    7 moves for sexy legs.

    Why am I obsessed with her? Well you see, I have a wedding coming up and like every good bridezilla I figure I need to be the hottest anyone has ever been ever in existence on that day. Logical, I know.

    So when I came across her on Instagram, it was like she was a guardian angel sent from Nike. She's her own best advertisement (those abs, though). But as an office worker it appeals to me that her workouts are only 28 minutes three times a week - and I can still eat carbs. Hallelujah. SO I bought BOTH her eBooks on the spot.

    Just as a disclaimer, I’m not one to jump into fitness fads or go on diets. I’m also very wary of “before and after” pics as they have been known to sometimes be fake and/or used in misleading ways by dodgy companies.

    4 common yoga poses you're doing wrong.

    But my instincts tell me Kayla’s workout plans are incredibly healthy and the pics Kayla regrams of her clients are positive and motivating for young women to change their lives long-term. I love her focus on strength, confidence and health.

    Fast forward 12 weeks and I DID IT. Holy Batman, it was hard but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. And I will keep doing it long after my wedding. Forever. It's that good.

    The part where I posted my before-and-after pics (they’re on my Instagram @bectobasics) was mother f*cking scary. But I got lots of clapping emojis, so all good.

    Then I started it all over again cos I’m crazy like that. For everyone else joining in #thekaylamovement, you might relate to this.

    20 exercise shortcuts to get a better workout in less time. 

    The 10 thoughts that crossed my mind in the first week of workouts (when I wasn’t in the fetal position crying)...

    1. I'm taking the most unsexy selfie right now

    If anyone ever finds these “before” shots in my phone… they will not live to tell the tale.


    2. I don’t know how to do it?

    Wait, so I do each bunch of moves for seven minutes? Twice? In what order? What’s a medicine ball? *Brain explodes.*


    Science says doing one minute of exercise is enough to improve your health. 

     3. Learning is good

    *Watches 10 million fitness videos on Instagram* So mountain climbers are meant to be like running with your hands on the ground? WHOA.


    4. Sooo unfit

    Can’t. Breathe. I’ll just have a… little…. break… now…. to… catch… my… breath.  


    10 pre-gym habits that are ruining your workout before you even start. 

    5. Don’t throw up, don’t throw up

    Whoever invented burpees is EVIL. Kayla is evil. I would cry but you wouldn’t notice it through the WATERFALL OF SWEAT DRIPPING ALL OVER THE MAT.


    Celebrity fitness wardrobes: Because you CAN look good while you sweat.

    6. Tired. So tired.

    Thank eff that’s finished. I might just lie here for a few minutes… I’m meditating. Really.


    11 quick moves for an insanely sexy back and arms.

    7. Then the next day…OUCH

    Standing hurts. Sitting hurts. My legs are broken. I literally need those handles in disabled bathrooms to get onto the toilet.


     8. Is it working yet?

    I’ve been doing the workouts for three days. When do I get the abs?


    9. What is foam rolling?

    I don’t know what it is, but Kayla posed with a foam roller so I must need one. Ordering now…


    10. Is it over yet?

    You mean to tell me that was just ONE WEEK? I can’t do this, I won’t do this. *Goes and looks at Kayla’s abs for half an hour * OK, let’s do this. *Posts a motivational quote on Instagram.*


    What do you think of Kayla's workouts? Tell me in the comments. WOO.

    Follow Bec's fitness blog and track her progress every week at

    7 winning treadmill tricks that will improve your running.

  • The designer collab that won't break the bank!
    3:50AM, Nov 27 Nicole Lucas

    Famous for his quirky and colourful designs, Henry Holland is personally one of my favourite designers. So when I heard that he was collaborating with South African retailer MRP and everything was going to be cheap as chips, I could not wait!

    Fronting the campaign is the fashion industry's cool girl, Chloe Norgaard. A perfect fit for this bold collection with clashing prints and a sports edge, the matchy-matchy sets are right on trend for the hot summer ahead.

    The most insane shots from Kendall Jenner's Dazed shoot.

    Not only is it cheaper than your average meal, for every piece sold, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the MRP foundation who help underprivileged South African children through education initiatives.

    I tried and tested some of my favourite pieces from the collection below, and I've got to say, I want it all! You can shop the range now at MRP's online store, HAPPY SHOPPING!

    Photography by Michelle Lobb @littlelobby


    10 unbelievable celebrity style overhauls.


    This Miley Cyrus tights commercial could not get any more Miley Cyrus if it tried.

  • Confessions of a Kardashian addict
    1:46PM, Nov 27 Leigh Campbell

    I don’t care what you say, I love the Kardashians. If you’re going to lecture me about the fact that Kim is only famous for having a sex tape and its wrong and immoral for her to get her booty out on a magazine cover, save it. If it were Kate Moss in the same pose on the cover of Paper, it would have been cool and arty. She’s a mother too, you know.

    The stars have spoken and grey hair is officially trending.

    Anyway, I want to be a Kardashian when I grow up. I switch between loving Khloe and Kourtney the most. Khloe for how brave and outspoken she is, and Kourtney because she is emotionally unavailable, like me. I’m also really intrigued by the Jenner girls (I know they’re not technically Karadians but they are on the show and they are in my mind). I’ve watched, with interest, Kylie transform from an innocent, goofy girl to a fully-fledged woman. I feel like it almost happened makeover-scene-style right in front of our eyes like in a Hollywood movie. I’m not sure if I agree with the extreme lip augmentation and the 90s brown liner, but she looks happy and confident in herself, and that’s all that matters.

    8 secrets for making sure you get the haircut you want.

    What I do agree with, though, is her new hair. It’s no secret that I’ve had love affairs with extensions over the years, so when I heard about Kylie’s range of clip in locks, my interest piqued (I’m at the stage where I don’t want to commit to proper extensions, but still like to flirt with a longer length from time to time, and take my top off to pretend I am a mermaid. At home of course).

    Kylie Jenner Hair Kourture is made from 100% real remy hair, in a variety of 12 shades. The standouts are the signature black, and the teal dip-dyed colour you might have seen her rocking on Instagram. I decide to road-test the dark brown, as it most closely resembles my own hair hue. When the pack arrived I was surprised by just how much hair there was. It was so soft and shiny; I brushed and petted it for a while, much like a puppy.

    How to do at-home hair colouring like a pro.

    It was super easy to put in; I sectioned my hair from the back and worked at clipping pieces in, moving upwards. I would backcomb my own roots a little before securing to give the clip something to grip to. Then, I very lightly curled using a ghd to give a bit of body.

    What do you think?


    Am I a Kardashian now?

    Kylie Jenner Hair Kourture is available for pre-order today here.

  • Cornish has it covered
    10:54AM, Nov 17 Leigh Campbell

    How did your work with the Pretty Shady campaign come about?

    “I heard about Pretty Shady and thought it sounded like a really cool campaign. My boyfriend Mitch is also supporting the campaign and we thought why wouldn’t we want to be involved? Having clothing that’s cool to wear and taking care of your skin so you can continue enjoying being outside, you can have the best of both world’s, just be smart about it. That’s what Pretty Shady is all about.”

    Why is sun safety, and spreading the message, so important to you?

    “I feel really passionate about the Pretty Shady campaign. It’s not only about raising awareness, but also having the power to save lives by stopping skin cancer, one summer at a time. Through film and modelling, I have a great following and it’s nice that I can help inspire young Aussies to be proactive about sun protection. I’m stoked to be part of such a cool campaign.”

    Celebs going grey: the new hair trend all the stars are embracing.

    Have you always been sun safe?

    “Growing up in Newcastle I was always at the beach, surfing with my dad. Even on holidays we’d go away to the ocean, so I’ve always spent most of my time in the sun. But I’d never leave the house without sun protection. You can have the best of both worlds, just be smart about it. That’s what Pretty Shady is all about.”

    What skincare do you use?

    “I use Arbonne organic skin care and put on moisturiser with SPF30+ before I leave the house in the morning. It’s really quick, and I can easily re apply at lunch time.”

    What’s the best beauty tip you’ve learnt on a shoot?

    “Spray on sunscreen. Makeup artists often use this to give the skin a beautiful glow in photographs!”

    You're doing your makeup all wrong! Follow these tips to get it right.

    How do you deal with a zit if one pops up?

    “I try my very best not to touch them but if it is necessary I do it after a hot shower when my face is clean. I also like to use the arbonne blemish mask if I feel anything coming up.”

     What essentials is always in your handbag?

    “I always have moisturiser with SPF30+ in my handbag ready to put on throughout the day. I think it’s really important because you’re getting the sun protection and it’s on your skin wherever you go.I couldn’t go anywhere without my favourite pair of sunnies. And of course coconut oil, for that extra moisture boost.”

    For more info on the Pretty Shady campaign, head to

    17 life-changing makeup hacks every woman should know.


  • WTF is #GamerGate?
    1:48AM, Oct 31 Lauren Smelcher

    For a few weeks now, I’ve seen the hashtag #gamergate on almost every news site I visit. I knew, vaguely, that it had something to do with accusations of misogyny in the gaming industry, but on the specifics, I wasn’t clear.

    Then I looked into it, and what I found was incredibly distressing.

    #GamerGate, for those not in the know, began when game developer Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend wrote a post about her affair with a game reviewer who mentioned her game, Depression Quest. Among other things, he claimed their relationship should have been disclosed and that it was unethical for journalists to have relationships with their subjects. So far, so understandable.

    Except that all of the hatred and disgust was directed at Quinn, not the reviewer himself, Nathan Grayson. After all, wasn’t the complaint that HE should have disclosed his relationship with Zoe? That he should have been transparent, in the interest of journalistic ethics?

    After the blog post, things quickly spiralled out of control. Zoe’s game, Depression Quest, was attacked because it didn’t fit the traditional idea of what a video game should be. It’s a role-playing game where the player answers a series of questions – but their choices become increasingly limited as they suffer depression. Quinn herself has suffered from mental illness. The game highlights her experience, and was intended to shine a light on what’s often a neglected topic.

    Zoe was doxxed – meaning her personal documents were posted online, with a tacit agreement that these details should be used to track down and harass her. And on 4chan, things got ugly. Here’s a selection of the things said in the thread “burgersandfries” (named after Zoe’s ex-boyfriend’s nickname for her, which rhymes with “five guys”… the number of men she allegedly slept with while they were in a relationship).

    JLaw calls nude photo leak a "sex crime".

    “It's only the fact that Zoe has a festering cheese-filled vagina that's keeping them from writing about it.”

    “Look gentlemen, the lesson here is that never trust or date any bitch with crazy colored hair. At best, pump em and dump em!”

    “What the hell would she know about depression?”

     “I just want to see her die horribly.”

    “All I know is I want Zoe to die like that.”

    “Why have her die? She’s just gone then.”

    “She’s a known attention whore.”

    “Wtf why won’t she just shut up?”

    “I love how feminists think they have a handle on comedy.”

    “Feminists are too stupid to know when they’re being fucked.”

    Hackers threaten Emma Watson with nude pics.

    Zoe’s response – via her tumblr – was this: “This is another example of gendered violence, whereby my personal life becomes a means to punish my professional credentials and to try to shame me into giving up my work. I’m still committed to doing my small part to create a world where no woman is at risk of experiencing this.” And fair enough.

    Except then came the death – and rape - threats.  She was forced to leave her home and couch-surf. And she’s not the only one. Since then, various women weighing in on the #GamerGate controversy have been attacked for their views.  Game critic Anita Sarkeesian, who has posted a series of Youtube videos calling out tired, sexist tropes in video games, was forced to cancel an appearance at Utah State University after she too received a death threat. The organisers received this email: “I have at my disposal a semi-automatic rifle, multiple pistols, and a collection of pipe bombs. She is going to die screaming like the craven little whore that she is if you let her come to USU….I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.” Then they came for Brianna Wu, an indie game developer who posted an image on Twitter comparing GamerGaters to crying children. And just this week, actress Felicia Day was doxxed too, for speaking out against #GamerGate.

    10 guy celebs who are feminists too.

    Maude Garrett, who runs the website GeekBomb, and is an avid gamer, says that these sorts of death threats in response to sexism “happen every day, especially to those that wish to take a stand within the games industry and support equality.” She says she’s been subject to abuse on Youtube, but that it doesn’t bother her. Still, she concedes, “it’s scary how people can hurl so much abuse and hate.”

    And speaking of that, one Australian woman I contacted for this story declined, saying that she was scared to after receiving threats of personal violence. I feel such anger towards these anonymous men – these cowardly guys who won’t put their real names to the threats they make, but who are forcing women to stay silent with threats of intimidation. Nobody should be so scared to speak out that they choose not to – and yet, this is what #GamerGate has done. Because the threat of violence – especially in an age where you can get doxxed – is very, very real. That this all stemmed from one angry ex-boyfriend – and has now become a blanket excuse to  target, humiliate and intimidate women for speaking freely about misogyny (that very clearly exists) says a lot about the dark side of gaming, and more generally, of the ways women are attacked for having differing opinions every single day.

    I thought about whether I’d put my own name to this piece, given that so many women – and not just the high-profile ones I have mentioned here – have been attacked for speaking out against #GamerGate. But since I’ve been researching this bizarre, aggressive and misogynistic sub-culture, I’ve felt compelled to tell people about it. Because it’s awful and sexist and disgustingly callous. So in the end, I decided I would speak up in my own name. Because if more of us agree that this is wrong, and are willing to go on record saying it, then we’ll begin to drown out the voices of the cowards whowant us to be scared.

    25 reasons being a totally girl rocks.


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