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Easy summer beauty

9:37AM, Dec 27, 2012
The lazy gal's guide to looking super hot all summer long...

It takes a lot of work to look that mega-babe-Lara-Bingle-level of effortless beauty, but when you'd rather be blending fresh margaritas instead of eyeshadow, a few sneaky shortcuts are worth their weight in SPF. In my vast experience as a really, really lazy person, I know that a bit of prep can last all summer and seriously cut down on daily primping time - leaving more time for that very important snooze in the sun with your close friend, sangria.

The ultimate in skin detoxing, a traditional hamam bath is like hitting reset on all your bod's bad bits. It's a simple process: lie on a heated stone slab and cycle through soap, rinse, scrub, rinse, clay mask, rinse, soap, and rinse on repeat. The amount of dead skin buffed off is both disgusting and fascinating, but post-bath skin is glowing, baby-soft and the perfect base for a summer of fun and faux tan. Sydneysiders would find it worthwhile to check out my favourite beauty spot - The Spa at the Darling for an authentic hamam experience and to soak in the legit Moroccan oils from Mira's Hand (their Rose Water Mist smells amaze too!)

Speaking of fake tan rituals, who has eight hours to watch for your fake bake to settle in? Yep, not with my busy cat video-viewing schedule! Enter the next gen of bronzed bod prods that feature a shorter tan turnaround time. I love ModelCo's Super Tan, which develops and can be rinsed off after a ridiculous two hours and still give a golden glow.

Lash and brow tints are my forever lovers, and must-have for beachy days where mascara is trying too hard, but my bare ghostly lashes are more frightening than flattering. For around the same cost as a tube of mascara, you can get your lashes or brows tinted to really frame your peepers and go Maybelline-less for a few weeks. Less time getting ready = more time sleeping in! I go to Benefit Brow Bar for my tints, but most salons offer similar services.

Lashes got colour, but lacking in ompf? Lash extensions are a fab way to up the volume in humid weather, without flaky mascara fall-out. It can be expensive, and a bit of a commitment with refills every few weeks, but the pay-off is the fattest, baddest lashes possible, and waking up after a big night looking like a mega-babe. A necessity for first-time sleepovers with a new guy – no more sneaky early morning mascara applications!

Finally, this is a more niche bit of advice, but one relevant to my interests. Do not get a fringe cut in. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I decided to totally change my hair with a blunt, thick brow-grazer. I blame Zooey Deschanel and her manic pixie dream girl buddies. So chic in winter, but not advisable for a sweaty 35-degree day or anytime I have to come in contact with water. Or the wind. Or air-conditioning. Or hugs. Actually, it’s not advisable for anyone who walks around or moves their head in a non-climate controlled film studio. It's too late for me, but maybe prolong your statement hairstyles until the mercury drops. In the meanwhile, I'm stocking up on bobby pins and embracing the slicked back wet look, or as my boyfriend calls it the “you look like a damn seal” style.


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