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Your best ever glow-job!

5:1AM, Dec 4, 2012
Greyscale skin shouldn’t be part of your party plans, so we’ve tracked down the ultimate illuminators. Thank us later.

Winter’s got me feeling blah and pastier than K-Stew, and in need of flash of skinsperation. Mopey, greyscale skin isn’t part of my party season plans, so I’ve been trialling these illuminators the last week to find the ultimate products for glowy, sunny skin!

Vani-T Mineral Liquid Radiance in Moon and Stars – ($40.10)

Vani-T does an amaze line of fake tan, and this liquid illuminator is one of my favourite products to accent it. I mix a blob in my regular foundation or BB cream and smooth over my face for a golden sheen without OTT sparkle.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch ($12.95)

Available in four shades, these little pocket rocket tubes pack a pigmented punch! Use as a blush base and blend over a coral blush for a healthy just-been-for-a-jog glow minus that sweating business

Guerlain Météorites Perles du Dragon ($115)

Okay, I know this is a total classic covetable, but I just got my very first dish of Météorites (in the limited edition Dragon blend), and you guys, I think we are getting serious. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s like an Instagram filter for your skin. Just dust all over with a large poufy powder brush and enjoy the subtle glow these teeny balls of joy give tired skin

TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer ($34.95)

This champagne highlighter is an office MU staple for me now, like complexion caffeine. I swirl a powder blush in it and tap off excess, before applying to cheekbones, collarbone and sometimes even over a slicked back ponytail. Best bit? The pressed powder compact is massive and lasts forever!

LUSH Lustre Dusting Powder ($15.95)

Got your tan, bandage mini and bright pop of lipgloss? All you need now for uber babeness is this huge bottle of jasmine-scented shimmer dust. Work it into body lotion for a hint of shine, or brush on directly to highlight defined calves and cleavage.



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