Sweet-smelling dreams

3:40AM, Jan 9, 2013
Forget Chanel No. 5, here are the five fragrances you should wear to bed...

When you've got as many perfumes hoarded away as I do (over 150, yes, it’s a problem), wearing just one a day seems a little too simplistic. That's why I always use a fragrance before bed, either on trigger points or sprayed over the bed to settle on sheets.

I swear I'm not just being a crazy perfume lady. Studies say that scent association can trigger feelings of relaxation, making a deep sleep quicker to achieve. Using the same scent before bed reminds your sensory HQ that it’s time to relax, lulling you into beauty sleep SAP!

Here are some of my best slumber scents:

Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Prunier ($90) – My very first sleep scent, this EDT's sweet almond notes and sugared plum blossoms made me dream of French bakeries and marzipan. It's also the reason why I dozed off at my desk while eating an almond croissant the other morning.

Biotherm Eau Oceane ($49) – Summer's warm nights demand not only a no-quilt, fan-on-full-blast policy, but a light aquatic scent to keep the mood cool. The watery fruits, lemon wedges and algae notes are best sprayed over clean sheets before diving in.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender ($19) – A gentle musky lavender that's relaxing, but like most Elizabeth Arden scents still has a hint of your slightly unhinged mid-70s aunt who likes to take out her teeth after a few shandies at the family reunion. Or maybe that's just my family.

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Vanilla and Cedarwood ($75) – My winter nap favourite. Cozy wood notes and creamy vanilla wrap around like a cashmere blanket for bourbon-scented boozy dreams.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir ($125) – Okay, this isn't a sleepy-time scent, more of a rip-off-your-clothes, dirty, sweaty, big old slutty scent. I'm slooooowly conditioning my boyfriend to recognise its thick jasmine, tobacco leaves and over-the-top aldehydes (a waxy citrusy scent like snuffed-out candles) as a sexy-time cue, Pavlov's dog style. Spritz while he's brushing his teeth, and lie in wait.



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