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Home make(-up)over

4:55PM, Feb 1, 2013
Lather, Rinse, Repeat shows you why makeup can be so much more than just a beauty product…

Some people like to decorate by hanging pictures, arranging a hundred or so throw pillows, or displaying kind of hideous knick-knacks that you’re too polite to say anything about to their face (the Internet is fair game, however. Nice cat hair doily, Melanie). As for me, I like my beauty products to work double-duty, working just as hard when on display in my teeny apartment or when travelling.

Sure, a view of the Sydney Opera House doesn’t really need much decoration, but not all hotel rooms have such a fab view as the Four Seasons. I travel a lot, and one constant in my Cynthia Rowley carry-on is a gorgeous candle to add a touch of me to the space, to scent the air and to look pretty doing so. Plus, everything looks better by candlelight, especially hotel room related activities. Citizens of the World ( are one of my favourite flame stylists (the Native Gardenia ($49) is pure petal porn), with their classic glass and B&W aesthetic never failing to shake up its surroundings.  

If you can’t manage to find a world famous landmark for your backdrop, a few vintage finds and oddities create a high-low visual just dying to be Instagrammed.

Some make-up palettes were made to be functional members of your make-up collection. Others may actually be just as useful, but you’ll never know as they are just too pretty to touch! I have a naughty habit of stockpiling Dior’s latest lust-pieces, but have decided to make use of them and trade photo frames on mantelpieces for a few of these babies piled up. Excessive, maybe – but that’s part of the fun. Next on my hit-list is Dior’s as yet unpriced Cherie Bow palette – perfect for the unashamedly girly dressing table.

Normally I’m a huge advocate for hiding away perfumes from the malicious reaches of direct sunlight and unnecessary exposure, keeping most of mine tucked away in their original packaging.  BUT these rules swiftly evaporate in the face of a slickly designed bottle and an empty shelf space. Make sure that it’s still not in the sun and the bottle has opaque glass to prevent scent spoilage. At the moment, I’ve got Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau de Musc’s ($100) reflective silver surface grouped with Costume National’s So Nude ($195) and the pop-colour print of a Stella floral print mini for an art installation that smells as good as it looks.

I’ve never understood who would buy boring clear plastic hand soaps from the supermarket when there are so many more stylish alternatives. Why reduce your bathing space to an antibacterial orange pump bottle when you can match your towels with a little something-something from MOR? I like their Hand Wash and Hand and Body Lotion in Italian Blood Orange ($29.95) – the red and gold bottle amps up the energy of an all white bathroom.



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