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3:5AM, Jan 16, 2013
Why roll-on perfumes are my New Year obsession.

I’m small, can be carried in even the smallest of purses and I smell delicious. What am I? A roll-on perfume.

My first beauty obsession of the New Year is roll-on perfumes. Beauty brands are bottling their signature scents in small, handbag-sized bottles with a roll-on applicator allowing for easy application to your wrists, neck, chest and behind the ears.

Small enough to carry in your bag, easy to apply and a lot cheaper than a regular bottle of perfume (retailing between $9.95-$30) roll-on fragrances are perfect for touching-up throughout the day and a great way to road-test a perfume before spending $80 plus on a full bottle.

Roll-on fragrances are a concentrated perfume oil, filled with essential oils and natural extracts, which is easily absorbed by the skin and lasts for ages. You’ll have strangers coming up and commenting on your scent.

Whilst there are hundreds of roll-ons available in the market, here are my top three picks:

MOR Cosmetics, Blood Orange Perfume Oil $19.95

L’Occitane, Rose 4 Reines Intense Roll-on, $30

SugarBaby, Island Flower Deluxe Rollerball $9.95



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