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You can give your home office or study a chic make over for peanuts. Don’t believe us? Read on…

This series tries to solve the dilemma of how to personalise your place when you’re renting, on the cheap without it looking cheap. There will be some DIY, some op shopping and some clever thinking involved, but what’s most important is to not limit your creativity just because you’re renting, be as creative as you want just make sure it’s not permanent! Today, the series continues with the office.

My favourite space of them all! This is a room that gives me so much joy to restyle, I am constantly playing with accessories to change the landscape of my desk. I bought the desk from Freedom and the chair pictured is from Kartell (a big splurge) but as I have issues wit chairs i.e. I keep buying them, it is a constant rotation depending on my mood.

Also on constant rotation is the art that hangs above, in this pic it’s my For Like Ever printed poster, usually I will accessorise the desk according to the art. I keep everything pretty tidy as I find I work better but I also like the look of organised chaos and am quite partial to a colourful post-it filled calendar to liven up the space.

As I always say, keep your furniture neutral, I prefer a white desk, you can get some great ones from IKEA or even charity shops - find a style you like and paint it white. I keep all my things organised on my desk like pens in jars, magazines piled neatly and stationery kept tidily in the drawers, but if you don’t have much drawer space buy some white cloth boxes and use them to store all your less attractive bits and pieces stacked next to your desk.

As for art in the office, I love to rotate mine, from posters to framed scarves to a pin board covered in inspirational pictures, invites and anything else that you love the look of. It’s like your own DIY art! (There are great ones available from Kikki K but you can easily DIY your own with an off cut of fabric of your choice.) It can also look great if you have your magazines in holders on your desk, I love the colourful cloth styles available from Officeworks.

If you can afford it, buy a rug for under the desk and make sure it’s big enough to fit the whole desk and your chair. IKEA sell really simple natural mats in a huge range of sizes but if you want something more graphic they have some great black and white options.

The chair needs to be comfortable, that’s a given, so this one may need a little more money spent, like the Kartell ghost chairs, there are great replicas out there much cheaper, or you could spend time looking through markets, antique and charity shops who always have a huge selection of single chairs.

Whenever I can, I like to have something living on the desk like an orchid or a little succulent, these can be bought at nurseries quite cheap. The final touch I always make an effort to change up is my computer screen saver, it’s like free art, wallpaper websites are a great source for some beautiful virtual art.

Peep’s top tip: keep your desk accessories tidy with empty candle jars

Splurge: chair

Steal: Screen saver art

See you next week, Claudia – Peep My Style


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