Face(t) time

3:53AM, Dec 28, 2012
I confess, I'm addicted to the harsh lines and geometry of "facets"...

This next series gives you a look at what is inspiring me at the moment, these trends have crept firmly into my repertoire when it comes to choosing things for my home. For those of you who read my blog it will come as no surprise the next trend is “facets”.

I’m a facet addict. I’m obsessed to put it mildly. In fact, over at Peep My Style I have a regular feature called A Facet a Day,  The first facet that caught my eye was the Arik Levy Rock stool I saw in some fancy house on the internet, when I later spied it in Belle magazine from Space Furniture, that little rock was in my house (see below) quicker than you can say “geometric”. Since then my collection has grown somewhat and continues to do so with offerings like these over at Etsy: faceted succulent sculpture, faceted magnets and this amethyst print.

There are a lot of nice pendant lights available like this DIY one below from Tamara Maynes as well as faceted mirrors and tables, just remember to soften your space with other shapes like cushions and pouffes so it’s not too harsh. Now, for my next major faceted purchase? It has to be the Konstantin Grcic Ones chairs for Magis (pictured at top), I have been DYING for these for the past year, I think they would look great with my marble topped tulip dining table but how to decide between black and white?

As you can see, anything flat and multi surfaced is chic in my book.

See you next week,

Claudia – Peep My Style


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