The ultimate bedroom

5:11AM, Jan 11, 2013
How to recreate the dream room on a budget...

So this bedroom has been in my "ultimate rooms" inspiration folder for a few years now. It is courtesy of b&b italia from their MAXALTO COLLECTION and makes every hair on my body stand on end I love it THAT much! So how can I re-create this without the Parisian apartment/parquet floors/wall mouldings and 20-foot ceilings?

The feel of this room is minimal and expensive, so I would start with a clean base, white walls (to which picture rails could be added very inexpensively) and a neutral bed - my choice is the Bednest Tribecca bed head. As for linen? It’s the one things to splurge on in this room but luckily not too much as Cultiver now sell amazing linen that doesn’t cost the earth, like these sheets in white or grey above left (buy them here). The Flokati rugs can be bought at Ikea for next to nothing (buy them here) and the white lamp (buy similar here) won’t break the budget (Ikea also does a comparable version).

Accessorise with a faux fur throw and some neutral cushions et voila! Paris boudoir is all yours (natural Parisian light not included) oh, and burning a French candle is obviously essential, try this Astier de Villatte ‘Opera’ delight.

See you next week – Claudia


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