Homewares obsession: Karton

12:0AM, Jan 1, 0001
100% recyclable furniture that has us agog. Agog, I tell you!

You can make furniture out of many things: wood, steel, even plastic. But how would you feel about cardboard? Say, sleeping on a cardboard bed? Or sitting on a cardboard chair? Or eating at a cardboard table? Because that’s exactly what Karton make: furniture that 100% fashioned from flat packs chock-full of cardboard.

I know, I know – we were just as incredulous at first. But then we saw it in all its papery glory and we were converted. It’s cheap, it’s strong, it goes in just about any space you care to throw it in and it’s environmentally friendly thanks to the fact it’s 100% recyclable. It’s just about perfect for students or anyone who moves a lot and it’s strong - much stronger than you’d expect. The laws of physics are a beautiful thing. Also, it’s pretty. No fooling, check it out…

Our faves? The cardboard skull, cardboard sheep shelves and cardboard modular boxes. Me thinks theEDIT offices will be getting a cardboard-based makeover soon.

For more check out theEDIT.com.au.


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