The whole world has lost all chill because of Balmain x H&M

These vids and pics are NUTS.

By Nikki Kinstlinger

So, yesterday we broke the news that Balmain x H&M had completely sold out within a matter of hours after opening their doors at 8am. The designer collaboration has had fashion-lovers going crazy with anticipation since it was announced back at this year’s MTV Awards and let’s just say the crazy has reached its crescendo post-purchases.

Not that we’re surprised, but people have gone all business-minded and thrown their Balmain x H&M purchases up on Ebay and are asking quadruple the price. Now, if it was real Balmain, we’d be willing to hand over the goods. But we need to remember this is H&M PRODUCT, PEOPLE!!!

Leather Jacket **Retail: $399, Ebay: $2,500 Beaded Velvet Dress Retail: $599, Ebay: $1,500 Beaded Velvet Blazer Retail: $549, Ebay: $2,025 **

Secondly, all of the psycho vids have been posted on Instagram of people running for their lives, except not their lives, and actually just clothes. PEOPLE ARE RUNNING FOR CLOTHES. **Literally cannot even.**

Save yourselves, bitches!

Angry chants will NOT speed up this process, guys.

Where are the shelf-filler peasants with my size?!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a double breasted blazer just as much as the next guy, but the only thing we be runnin’ for is free dessert. Amiright? RELATED:The 30 best pieces from Balmain x H&M's collab RELATED: Backstreet Boys perform at Balmain x H&M runway party RELATED Video: You have to watch Kendall Jenner bustin' a move for Balmain x H&M