People in Singapore lined up for 3 days for Balmain x H&M

Now, that’s commitment

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Balmain x H&M singapore lineup

Balmain x H&M went on sale today, Thursday 5th November, and GUESS WHAT!? It’s already sold out. And if you didn’t get your hands on any of the covetable items it’s probably because you weren’t smart enough to start lining up three days ago like all of the smart people in Singapore did. Yep, you heard right. Not one. Heck, not even two. THREE. According to Channel News Asia, people started the line at 6:30pm on Monday (obvs had work that day) and grew to nine people just before midnight on Tuesday. The leader of the pack was 21-year-old Neo Jin Han who was doing the lining up in shifts with a friend, who would take over the duties at 8am the following day. "After that, we will wait out the night together until the launch," he said. Like we said…. SMART. In Aus, customers in the queue were given a bracelet in one of 14 colours. These colours determined groups of 20 so when doors opened at 8am the dedicated shoppers were sent into the store 20 at a time, depending on the colour they were assigned. They had 10 minutes to make their selections (aka grab pretty much every single item on the rack, just in case) before being sent to the dressing rooms. Shoppers were also only allowed to buy one of each item and 5 items in total, to ensure everyone had equal buying opportunities (seriously, buying a house is easier than this). So if you were sent in by a friend to buy them all of the things, you both would have lucked out. NOW WHO’S SMART! (H&M, that’s who). Unfortunately here in the Southern Hemisphere there was no option to shop online, so that was a bit of a sad face emoji moment for those who don't like to leave the house. Like we said, the whole darn lot has sold out so if you were thinking of strolling down to the shops today and pondering a Balmain x H&M purchase… forgeddaboutit. RELATED: Pretty much all of T-Swizzle's squad walked the runway at Balmain RELATED: The 30 BEST pieces from Balmain x H&M's collab

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