Vivienne Westwood debuts peen pendants in her latest menswear collection

10:12AM, Jan 25, 2016
Nikki Kinstlinger
Vivienne Westwood menswear penis necklaces

Vivienne Westwood has always been one of Britain’s most provocative fashion designers which is why we love her so much. Last week she showcased her latest menswear collection in Milan which stayed true to her signature look with an array of slouchy knits, patterned suits, clashing prints and interesting silhouettes.

Oh, there were also chunky penis pendant necklaces.


Yes, the phallic accents were hard to ignore as the boys strode down the runway. Whilst we wouldn’t call them big (like, in comparison), they certainly weren’t discreet. They came in rose gold, silver or gold, so you can pick your metals, whatever your flavour. No discrimination here.



Compared to that time Rick Owens sent real life actual flapping weeners down the runway, this is a pretty tame step for Westwood, so we appreciate her restraint.

We wonder if this will catch on and we’ll be wearing peen charms on our bracelets soon?

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