Hailey Baldwin shows off her natural beauty in the new Ralph Lauren campaign

Justin Bieber sure knows how to pick ‘em.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Hailey Baldwin Ralph Lauren campaign

Hailey Baldwin kind of crept up on our radar some time last year and we’ve struggled to ignore the intrigue ever since. With a famous family name (her dad is Stephen Baldwin and her uncle is Alec) it has been pretty normal for the 19 year-old to be seen on the Hollywood social scene, hanging out with other famous families such as the Hadids and the Kardashian/Jenners. Oh, and now she dates Justin Bieber.

But she is so much more than just Bieber’s Bae and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s dad’s daughter. She is a really successful model, and Ralph Lauren knows what’s up.

Hailey stars alongside Aussie actress, Ruby Rose, in the Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren Spring 2016 campaign, sporting a much more natural look than usual.

She’s ditched the crop tops and miniskirts for a floral sun dress and tan leather clogs, and we have to admit, we’re loving the laid-back look on her.

Whilst she’s been busy putting corn rows in Bieber’s hair, Ralph Lauren has been busy brushing hers out, leaving her blonde tresses flowing naturally down by her chest, her short bangs swept to the sides.

And because we like to give credit where credit is due, we have to just spare a little limelight for Ruby Rose as well, who is dressed like the coolest urban famer chick we have ever seen in denim overalls, a tweed vest and a denim jacket. Praise be to the layering gods!

This isn’t the first time Hailey has starred in a Ralph Lauren shoot, as she posed alongside other famous names like Cody Simpson, Bella Hadid and Tenashe in the brand’s Denim and Supply Fall 2015 campaign.

Could Mr Lauren have found his new muse? Because we certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we saw more of her like this.

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