ocelot print help!

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80s_Moves 80s_Moves
Does anyone know where I can find some good ocelot print? Leopard is SO 2011!!
ooze20 ooze20
I must really unfashionable - what is an ocelot print?
ooze20 ooze20
Ahh, I just googled it - is it giraffe print? I love pony hair loafers - classic and on-trend!

Depending on your budget I found a pair of Alexander McQueen leggings?
80s_Moves 80s_Moves
they are wild cats! Those Alexander McQueen leggings are AMAZE!! I will be saving forever for them though :(((
daphtan daphtan
I still don't understand what they are...
SallyWood SallyWood
Ocelot is an animal - google it, will definitely help! Loving ocelot print at the moment, and those Alexander McQueen leggings are sooo worth saving up for!
daphtan daphtan
Oh...they are a bit creepy (not for me)
missjoeii missjoeii
daphtan wrote:Oh...they are a bit creepy (not for me)

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