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Exercising solo

Flying solo while you’re exercising is more beneficial if you want a high intensity workout, according to a study from the American College of Sports Medicine.

People are more likely to work harder on their own, and even more so in a gym environment than the great outdoors. The study speculates this is because of the variety and access of strength and cardio equipment available.

Researchers claim you’ll get more done if you’re focusing solely on yourself, rather than worrying about your friends pace, or having a chat.

But don’t give up on your exercise buddy just yet; the study has also revealed that you’re more likely to exercise for longer (but not necessarily harder) if you work up a sweat with a friend- mostly due to the fact that it’s not as boring as working out on your own. You’re also more likely to exercise for longer if you’re outdoors as opposed to a gym.

Ultimately, you can either push yourself and fly solo, or enjoy more leisurely exercise with a friend, but make sure your workout environment suits you.