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How to find the right music for your moves

Want a better workout?

It’s been proven that you work out at a far more intense level when you’re plugged into music. A tune with a fast beat tends to make you work harder, better, faster, stronger.

Over the past 28 years, Professor Peter Terry, a leading sports psychologist at the University of Southern Queensland has worked with Olympic class athletes to ascertain the impact of music on their training regime.

Here are the doc's recommendations for finding the best music for your moves:

  • Match the music to the activity you are undertaking and the psychological effect you want to experience - eg loud, fast, rhythmical, bass-driven music is great for psyching yourself up before interval training
  • Consider the intensity of the activity. Generally speaking, you will need faster music if you are running at a faster pace
  • Consider music that creates motivating images in your mind. It may be used to associate with popular culture such as iconic films, or personal memories
  • Match the tempo of the music to your expected heart rate during your training session
  • Choose music that contains positive affirmations of running such as 'keep on running' or 'work your body'. Positive statements such as 'moving on up' or 'I believe' can also have a motivating effect.

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