Five's a crowd

11:28AM, Jun 7, 2010
Four's company...

According to a recent study, the girls from Sex and the City have the right idea – a four-way friendship is apparently the ideal number.

If you think four seems a little low, you’re not alone. Researchers found that half of the 1000 women surveyed between the ages of 18 and 45 felt they should have more friends, however it was also proved that groups with more than four friends tend to be the least harmonious.

According to the study women only need four genuine friends at any stage of their lives in order to be happy and well-adjusted. Results showed that women in groups of four tend to have set roles, such as the drama queen, party girl, the shy one, and the career girl, and these set roles means there is generally less conflict and more room for acceptance.

The study also revealed that the secret to a perfect friendship is plenty of contact, with the ideal frequency of contact with close friends being two to three times a week, and the most unforgiveable thing a best friend could do would be to steal a boyfriend.



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