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10:42AM, Aug 11, 2010

At some point in their life, most women will complain about their breasts – too small, too big, too droopy, and nipple colour can now be added to this list of flaws.

In recent times there has been a proliferation in "nipple cream" sales overseas (particularly in Japan) and a surge in nipple surgeries (ouch!), with the aim to create perfect, pink nipples.

According to 1000 Japanese women who were surveyed on the matter, darker brown nipples are unappealing, while pink nipples denote purity. Japanese women aren’t the only ones who have expressed displeasure with the colour of their nipples, with "nipple cream" sales rising by 23 per cent in the U.K last year.

Virgin Peach, put out by the Japanese cosmetics company Glim, uses a pink henna dye, which becomes permanent after a few months of use.

Up until now, skin lightening creams were used by those who wanted to lighten their nipples, but now specific products are being produced intended solely for brown-to-pink nipple transformations.

Admittedly this tweak is pretty minor (at least compared to some body alterations these days…we mean you, Heidi Montag), but, it still seems a bit nitpicky, no?


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