Gym bullies

11:27AM, Feb 17, 2010
At the best of times, the gym can be a daunting arena, full of sweaty buff bodies showing off their strength and level of fitness. The first few times are nerve-wracking, but then you settle in and become ‘a regular.’ Right?

A UK gym called Gymbox, which has three locations across the country, has reportedly been taking part in some crazy marketing tactics. reports that a man stands on Oxford Street bellowing “GYYYYYMBOOOOXXXX TIGHTTEN YOUR BUMS LADIES!!!," and yet this is not a women-only gym. Are women the only ones who need to tighten?

The gym in question has also been know to send bullying text messages to those who have toured the gym but not joined up. The texts were said to be taunting people for not joining and deciding to be “festively plump" instead." Can you imagine?

If that’s not enough, Gymbox offers classes named after hideous British stereotypes, like, "Chav Fighting Class" and "White Collar Boxing,” for Brits with class issues. “The WAG workout, for women who want to look like the wives and girlfriends of professional footballers, or make themselves more attractive to the athletes. "For women in general they have “Boob Aerobics," "Stiletto Workout," "Pole Dancing.” Heard enough? They also use humans as weights.

Where do we sign up? Not.


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