Surprising ways you just burnt that chocolate

12:0AM, Jan 1, 0001
You don’t always need to go and smash it at the gym to burn off a mid-afternoon hit of happy
Freddo frog

We investigate how long it would take you to burn off this Cadbury's Freddo (15g): 332 kilojoules

- Five trips to the photocopier. Plus, refilling the paper and changing the toner… Burn time: 35 minutes

- Doing the housework. Smash your chores; put your feet up. Simple.
Burn time: 30 minutes

- A hook-up session. If ever you needed an excuse for pashing your guy.
Burn time: 60 minutes

- Two circuits of the mall. Because shopping works on so many levels.
Burn time: 35 minutes

- Playing a board game. Who said Chess is for nerds?
Burn time: 50 minutes

- Reading this issue of Cosmo. Chocolate AND Cosmo? Two of your favourite things at once!
Burn time: 60 minutes

- A catch-up phone session. Who knew ranting could be this good for you?
Burn time: 50 minutes

- Friday-night drinks with the girls Standing room only (cocktails not included).
Burn time: 40 minutes


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