Skinneepix - as gross as it sounds

5:3AM, Apr 7, 2014
Think you look too fat in your selfie? There’s an app for that…

They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but a new app is designed to “fix” that… because apparently you’re not perfect until you look thinner. *Biggest eye roll EVER*

An extremely ill-advised new iPhone app has been created to undo the damage (i.e. extra pounds) the camera apparently gifts you during photos.

Skinneepix, a name which itself suggests the product is destined to do more evil than good, was created by Susan Green and Robin J. Phillips after a series of group selfies on holiday left everyone in the photo feeling less than their best.

This 118 kgs woman stripped down to her underwear and marched through Hollywood to protest LA's 'skinny' culture...

Holidays are meant to be about relaxing and having fun, but to them looking good (skinny) in your Instagram posts is equally as high-priority. #sad

Green told The LA Times that the app was meant to be used for entertainment or fitspo, not as a fat-shaming tool.

Meanwhile Phillips left a comment on Cosmo UK’s article about the app, defending themselves:

“We are in no way trying to minimize the serious issues related to body image. But you missed totally the point that the app can actually help people visualize a more healthy life. And yes, often, lighter is healthier.

#RobynLawleyEats - we LOVE this supermodel. And her appetite.

We developed SkinneePix as a result of friends (mostly women, some overweight some not) who would say: ‘Use the Skinnee lens’ when taking photos. So we made ‘the skinny lens’. No altered photo is going to fake us out, right? We know that. But it can be an inspiration if you are trying to eat better, move more and get healthy.”

Giving women another reason to feel like they’re not good enough and suggesting that everyone would rather be skinnier? They can defend it all they like, but we won’t be buying it. Neither should anyone else.

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