The internet is following you and here is proof

11:14AM, Jul 29, 2015
Rebecca Sloan
We're not sure if this feature is cool or creepy.

There’s nothing new about the idea that the internet is watching us. Seriously, how many times have you been freaked out by those advertisements that follow you around more than a week after you did a sneaky lunchtime browse cos they KNOW you want those light-washed denim flares from The Iconic. Creepy.

Similarly, the internet has been tracking where you are at all times for years (your phone is essentially a tracking device), but now you might be able to take a bit more control with the new Google Maps feature called Your Timeline.

It uses location settings on your phone to track where you go and by the end of each day it has enough info to create a “timeline”.

You can look up exactly what you were doing to the day eight months ago. Err, handy.

Aside from the fact we’ve got better things to do than stalk ourselves, what’s slightly more concerning is that if this info fell into the wrong hands. They would know where you go, your home address and even where your family lives.

If you’re a bit freaked by this whole thing, to disable the feature go to your "My Account" page on Google, then to "Account History." From there, click on "Places You Go," where you will find the option to turn on or off the feature. ​

You can also delete your history so there’s no info for where you’ve been through “Manage location settings”. Or you can halt it momentarily through, “Pause location history.”

Ahhh technology, we love/hate you.

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