A beauty ed’s no. one rule

Ok, it’s one of 100 no. one rules, but it’s a very important one...

By: Leigh Campbell

Today’s blog post is in the form of a quiz. Who doesn’t love a quiz? No one. They are universally appealing. Unless you’re talking about Sudoku. Sudoku is for genius primary school students and little old ladies only.

Question one: Would you use to same towel after showering to dry off your body, day in day out for six months, without laundering it?

Question two: Would you pull on the same pair of undies day after day for two weeks, without washing them?

Question three: Would you sleep with the same bed sheets and doona cover on your bed for three consecutive months without changing them (boys: don’t answer this)?

Question four: Would you put on the same sports bra for a week straight for training each day, without washing it in between?

Question five: Would you save the same face wipe and reuse it on your face each day for a full fortnight?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, please stop reading this blog post immediately, open another browser window and Google “personal hygiene/why I have no friends”.

If you answered no, then riddle me this: Why do you use your makeup brushes on your face every day without washing them? You haven’t washed them in six months, have you? You haven’t washed them EVER? Congratulations, you’ve successfully growing a happy equilibrium for tiny breeding bacteria.

Go home and thoroughly wash your foundation, bronzer, powder and eye brushes in warm water and clarifying (or baby) shampoo, then leave them out on a towel (preferably is sunlight) to dry.

Next week’s lesson is how to wash your face.